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E-ZPass is the electronic toll collection program that keeps you moving.

Experience the convenience of completing a toll transaction without cash or tickets. You'll be able to pass by a tollbooth without having to stop and pay. E-ZPass customers should pass through E-ZPass lanes at the posted speed limit.

E-ZPass can be used for seamless travel to many surrounding states. Click here for a list of participating agencies.

How Does E-ZPass Work?

When you complete an application and establish an account, you will receive a transponder, which is a radio frequency transmitter device. The transponder (the size of a deck of cards) must be mounted on the windshield behind the rearview mirror. When you travel through an E-ZPass lane, an antenna reads the transponder signal, registers the toll electronically and deducts the appropriate amount from your pre-funded E-ZPass account.

Feedback signals in E-ZPass lanes indicate the status of customer transactions. Green indicates the transponder has been read. Yellow signals a low balance (customers who don't have automatic replenishment should replenish their account). In "E-ZPass and Tickets" lanes, red signals an invalid transponder or that the transponder has not been read. Customers using "E-ZPass Only" lanes will never see a red signal.

How Do I get an E-ZPass?

To see how to establish your personal E-ZPass prepaid account for passenger-type vehicles click here.

Commercial vehicle accounts are available to companies that have vehicles used for commercial business. Click here for information on applying for a commercial account.


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