The Road Ahead

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Leslie S. Richards


I readily concede that, for most motorists most of the time, “Construction Ahead” signs are a less-than-welcome sight. Orange cones or barrels and lane closures can seem like nothing more than a nuisance on the way home. In our business, however, major construction projects reflect a commitment to ensuring safe and efficient travel for motorists and our role as a driver (excuse the pun) of our national economies. Such is the case with the completion of the direct connection between I-95 and the PA Turnpike, which we were proud to celebrate last month.

Those orange signs should also serve as a strong reminder to all motorists to slow down, follow the traffic signs and pay attention. As construction season winds down, the PA Turnpike Commission is in the waning stages of our GO ORANGE safety campaign; I am especially proud of the recent unveiling of a travelling monument dedicated to the 41 employees who have lost their lives on the job. We also are stepping up partnerships with other state agencies to bolster safety for first responders with our new PennTIME initiative.

Finally, beyond improving our system and operations above ground, the PA Turnpike has been engaged in a long-term initiative that deals with a significant underground challenge – managing stormwater runoff to help protect one of our most valuable resources…clean water. I am proud to share an update regarding our effort to meet this challenge. We take our role as environmental stewards seriously and this effort will help us honor that commitment.

Thank you for your continued interest in our operations and impact on the state and, please, drive safely. (Please feel free to pass along The Road Ahead to your colleagues. They can sign up here.)