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511PAConnect, a joint initiative of the PA Turnpike, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) to provide stranded motorists with information during long-term road closures, was recently recognized with regional and international awards.

The alert service has received five awards to date:

  • 2017 Toll Excellence Award for Technology from the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association;
  • 2017 Transportation Achievement Award for Operations from the Institute for Transportation Engineers;
  • 2017 Project of the Year from the Mid-Atlantic Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers;
  • Outstanding ITS Project for 2017 from the Intelligent Transportation Society of New Jersey; and
  • 2017 Project of the Year from the Intelligent Transportation Society of PA.

Through 511PAConnect, personnel from the PA Turnpike and PennDOT identify a potential long-term closure and notify staff at the 24-hour Commonwealth Watch and Warning Center at PEMA, who issue an initial location-based, mobile-phone alert to people in and around the backlog.

Upon activation, a push message, like an electronic Amber Alert, is sent to all phones in the incident area. This message provides impacted travellers with instructions to participate and receive further updates and safety information throughout the incident. It allows responders to glean critical information about the scope of the incident and needs of stranded travellers.

Since launching in December 2016, 511PAConnect has assisted thousands of travellers.

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