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Safety Break

Work Zone Safety Outreach

The goal of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is to provide a safe and secure travel environment to our valued customers. To accomplish this, the Pennsylvania Turnpike will host "Safety Break" events at select service plazas throughout the year. Please see the list of dates and locations on this page.

Safety Break events will focus on work zone safety, and the PA Turnpike’s Operation Orange Squeeze initiative.

If you visit one of our events, you can:

  • Take the Safe Driving Pledge
  • Learn why it’s important to respect work zone safety
  • Learn about the consequences if you don’t
operation orange squeeze

2017 "Safety Break" Events

Date Service Plaza Location Time
Friday, May 26th North Somerset 11am – 2pm
Friday, May 26th South Somerset 11am – 2pm
Friday, June 9th Hickory Run 3pm – 6pm
Thursday, June 22nd King of Prussia 11am – 2pm
Friday, June 30th North Midway 11am – 2pm
Friday, June 30th South Midway 3pm – 6pm
Thursday, July 6th Blue Mountain 11am – 2pm
Friday, July 7th Valley Forge 3pm – 6pm
Thursday, July 13th New Stanton 11am – 2pm
Thursday, July 20th Peter J. Camiel 11am – 2pm
Friday, July 28th Allentown 3pm – 6pm
Friday, August 4th Oakmont Plum 11am – 2pm
Thursday, August 10th Highspire 11am – 2pm
Thursday, August 17th Lawn 11am – 2pm
Thursday, August 24th Cumberland Valley 11am – 2pm
Thursday, August 31st Bowmansville 11am – 2pm
Friday, September 1st Sidling Hill 3pm – 6pm