E-ZPass Only Interchanges

E-ZPass Only

E-Zpass Only Interchanges

The PA Turnpike currently operates four E-ZPass Only interchanges, and two E-ZPass only ramps at full service interchanges. These locations only accept E-ZPass transactions. PA Turnpike Toll by Plate is not accepted at these locations. Additionally, there is no toll booth or collector available to take a cash payment. Therefore, if you do not have an E-ZPass transponder and you take these ramps you will be issued a violation.

When you are approaching an E-ZPass Only interchange you will see multiple, large signs indicating that this exit is for E-ZPass customers only. Your GPS will not differentiate these ramps from traditional, full service interchanges. You must always pay attention to roadway signage in addition to any GPS directions you may be using for navigational purposes. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is not responsible for any driving directions provided by a third party.

E-ZPass Only interchanges have several benefits over traditional toll plazas. These interchanges cost significantly less to build than interchanges with traditional cash tollbooths, have less impact on the environment, require less property to build, and in general, offer more flexibility in terms of the location of new interchanges on the Turnpike. Most E-ZPass Only interchanges were constructed at the request of local municipalities and the only financially feasible way for the Pa Turnpike Commission to honor those requests were E-ZPass only interchanges.

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  • Exit 87 Route 903, Northeastern Extension (Click on thumbnail to view images)
    image of exit 87 route 903
  • Exit 320 Route 29, Mainline (Click on thumbnail to view images)
    image of exit 320 for route 29
  • Exit 340 Virginia Drive, Mainline (Westbound Only) (Click on thumbnail to view image)
    image of exit 340 virginia drive
  • Exit 352 Street Road, Mainline (Eastbound Only) (Click on thumbnail to view image)
    image of exit 352 street road
  • Exit 31A: Northbound Exit (The original Exit 31 for Lansdale remains open to all traffic) (Click on thumbnail to view image)
    image of landsdale exit 31
  • Southbound Entrance, Lansdale (The original Exit 31 for Lansdale remains open to all traffic) (Click on thumbnail to view images)
    image of southbound exit 31


There are three locations on the PA Turnpike that have E-ZPass express lanes. E-ZPass express lanes allow customers with E-ZPass to continue through the interchange at posted speeds, and to pay without stopping at toll plazas. The left lanes at these interchanges are for Express E-ZPass only. Cash customers must stay right to take ticket or pay toll. If an E-ZPass customer misses the express lanes and uses a lane on the right side, the traditional toll booths also accept E-ZPass.

The locations with E-ZPass express lanes are:

  • Gateway (mile marker 2) - entry from Ohio
  • Warrendale (mile marker 30) - western start and end of ticket system
  • Neshaminy Falls (mile marker 353) - eastern start and end of ticket system
  • Mid-County (mile marker A20 on Northeast Extension)


Customers with rental vehicles should check with the rental company about their policy with regards to travel on toll roads. Each rental company may have a unique process for handling tolls or violations incurred with a rental vehicle. Please see the Rental Vehicles page.


Currently the WAZE application is the only GPS system that recognizes E-ZPass only interchanges and restricted express lanes. The app defaults to non-E-ZPass so if you are a cash customer choosing this navigation option ensures you are not routed through E-ZPass only ramps or lanes. Other GPS systems do not make this distinction, so always follow signs first, GPS second.

E-ZPass customers can follow this link to learn how to set your WAZE app to recognize your E-ZPass and continue to route you the quickest way through E-ZPass only ramps and lanes.