Tolling Questions or Problems?

We hope that your trip along the PA turnpike went smoothly, but you might have hit some tolling bumps along the way. We know our tolling system is complex as we transition to Cashless Tolling, so we have made these tools available so you can request assistance with tolling issues online.

Paid “Full Fare” because you didn’t have a ticket


If you paid “Full Fare” because you didn’t have a ticket, and want to request an adjustment to the full fare paid.

  • Save your receipts.
  • Click here and complete the refund request form.

Could not pay “Full Fare”


If you were charged “Full Fare” but could not pay it, you received a receipt labeled as a Certificate of Passage (COP) – which is a bill you need to pay to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A Full Fare COP may be eligible for a reduction.

  • To apply for a reduction of the amount you owe, click here.
  • Be sure to have your credit card handy when applying.

Went through a Cashless Tolling location


If you went through a Cashless Tolling location, you may have received a Toll by Plate invoice in the mail. This is a bill for the toll area that you passed through.

Accidentally went through an E-ZPass only toll lane


If you accidentally went through an E-ZPass only toll lane, and don’t have a valid E-ZPass transponder, you will get an E-ZPass violation notice and invoice in the mail.

  • For information on E-ZPass violations, click here.

To avoid future tolling issues, simply get E-ZPass, which is valid everywhere on the PA Turnpike.

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