On Our Roadway


  • Milepost markers, also just known as mileposts, can be a very useful tool for motorists. Located every 10th of a mile, a milepost indicates your exact location. At the beginning of a mile, a milepost will also include the direction and interstate number that you are traveling on.
  • If you need assistance, be aware of the milepost marker nearest to you to let responders know of your location.

Maps and References


There are lots of helpful maps and references to assist you with your next trip on the PA Turnpike:

  • If you would prefer a printable map of the Pennsylvania Turnpike system, please click here.
  • Here's an informative listing of Pennsylvania Turnpike system interchanges.
  • Please click here for a listing of service plaza locations and available amenities.
  • Find more PA Turnpike maps and references here.

Understanding our exits and ramps

  • With close to 70 interchanges on the PA Turnpike, customers have a number of options for how they can exit and enter the highway. Most interchanges do allow motorists to enter or exit traditionally by passing through a tollbooth and using a cash or E-ZPass lane.
  • However, there are four E-ZPass Only interchanges, and two E-ZPass only ramps on the PA Turnpike. These locations only accept E-ZPass transactions. That means you will need an active E-ZPass transponder as there are no toll booths or collectors available to take a cash payment. If you do not have an E-ZPass transponder and you take these ramps or interchanges you will be issued a violation. Learn more about the locations and how to use these interchanges here.
  • Will you be traveling with a GPS? Except for Waze, a GPS does not know the difference between regular and E-ZPass only lanes and exits. If you do not have an E-ZPass and are using a GPS always defer to signage to ensure you don’t use an E-ZPass only lane or exit. When following a GPS ALWAYS read and be aware of signage.

Signs along the roadway

  • When entering or exiting the PA Turnpike through a toll plaza, you will notice two options, “No Cash” or “Cash Only.” No cash lanes are strictly for E-ZPass tagholders only. If you use a no cash lane without an E-ZPass you will be issued a violation. Whether you are paying with cash or a credit card, all non-E-ZPass customers should use a cash only lane.