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July 26, 2010
Effective August 1 New Signage Marks Turnpike 60
Conversion to I-376

NEW STANTON, PA (07/26/2010)(readMedia)-- In May 2009 the Federal Highway Administration approved designating the 60-mile stretch of PA 60 between the Fort Pitt Tunnel in Pittsburgh and Interstate 80 in Mercer County as part of I-376. The Turnpike 60 section between Chippewa and New Castle is now being signed to identify it as part of I-376. Under Federal SAFETEA-LU legislation passed in 2005, Turnpike 60 along with portions of I-279, US 22 and 30, and SR 60, will be signed to designate the 85-miles as I-376, effective August 1, 2010.

Crews are currently installing the new signage along the roadway motorist will encounter single lane patterns throughout the system while sign installation is taking place. The new designation will change the current Turnpike 60 from a north-south route to an east-west I-376 route. The extension of I-376 will also require the change of the current exit numbers. Earlier this month the Turnpike issued a release with the exits incorrectly renumbered. The correct changes will be as follows:

  • Old Exit 29 to Exit 31 Chippewa-PA 51
  • South Mainline Toll Plaza to Mainline East Toll Plaza 30
  • Old Exit 31 to Exit 29 Beaver Fall-PA 551
  • Old Exit 33 to Exit 26 PTC Mainline-PA351
  • Old Exit 40 to Exit 20 Moravia-PA 168
  • North Mainline Toll Plaza to Mainline West Toll Plaza 18
  • Old Exit 43 to Exit 17 Mount Jackson Road-PA 108
  • Old Exit 45 to Exit 15 New Castle-US 422

Tolls will remain the same.