All-Electronic Tolling Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

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1) How will All-Electronic Tolling (AET) work?

AET allows all customers to pay without slowing down or stopping at tollbooths. Motorists will no longer pay with cash on the roadway and all tolls will be collected electronically. Motorists can use E-ZPass or choose to be tolled by license plate and receive bills through the mail. Click here for a more detailed look at how AET works at other agencies.

2) Why consider All-Electronic Tolling?

AET is in the best interest of our customers and the agency. Agencies that have converted find it safer, quicker, more convenient for customers and better for the environment. Under any AET system, customers do not idle at toll plazas or stop to pay at a tollbooth, reducing commute times and vehicle emissions. In addition, the growth in E-ZPass usage makes it clear that customers support electronic toll collection. E-ZPass now accounts for more than 74% of all transactions systemwide and is higher than 80% at some interchanges.

3) How will I pay my toll?

Motorists can use E-ZPass or choose to be tolled by license plate and receive bills through the mail. E-ZPass will continue to be the most affordable way to travel the Turnpike.

4) Will I be able to use the PA Turnpike if I don’t enroll in E-ZPass?

Yes. If a motorist chooses not to utilize E-ZPass, they will have the option to pay by license plate tolling. The PTC will begin by upgrading the existing conventional and express lanes to allow license plate images to be taken when motorists enter and exit the system. Those motorists will receive bills through the mail.

5) What will happen to the employees who work on the Turnpike now?

We understand going cashless will have a tremendous impact on our workforce. The PTC will continue working with employees to assist them throughout the implementation process. The Commissioners directed staff to develop an Employee Transition Guide that identifies new employment opportunities for impacted employees at the Commission, at other public agencies and in the private sector. If you are a PA Turnpike employee, get more information by clicking on the Employee Extranet link on the PA Turnpike's Website Homepage.

6) Will the Turnpike still be as safe as it is today?

Yes. The safety of our customers and our employees will always remain our top priority. The Pennsylvania State Police and the State Farm Safety Patrol will continue to patrol our system and provide service to those in need. In addition, our maintenance crews will continue to ensure safe travel.

7) Would speeding tickets be issued through this system?

No. By state law, toll-collection systems cannot be used for speeding citations. Speed limits on the Turnpike would continue to be enforced solely by the Pennsylvania State Police. Motorists who opt to use any new license plate tolling options would have the same privacy protections currently enjoyed by our existing E-ZPass customers.