News Release

    April 28, 2017


PA Turnpike Activates Cashless Tolling Pilot at Beaver Valley Expressway (TOLL 376)


HARRISBURG, PA (APRIL 28, 2017) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is reminding motorists the Beaver Valley Expressway (Toll 376) will be converted to  a cashless tolling system  this weekend as part of the agency’s pilot program. 

Cashless Tolling allows all Toll 376 customers to pay without stopping at toll plazas. All tolls are assessed electronically as vehicles travel at posted speed limits through the Toll 376 toll plazas, which will remain in place but will not be manned.

Customers must pay tolls using E-ZPass or PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE. E-ZPass customers will have their toll deducted from their pre-paid account as usual. Customers without E-ZPass will receive a PA Turnpike TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice.

“Agencies across the country are introducing cashless systems and we owe it to customers to continue to use the best technology available in every facet of our operations,” said PTC CEO Mark Compton. “At the same time, our system is somewhat unique and we want to be sure that the technology makes sense for our customers.”

Compton noted that the PTC is committed to a series of staged cashless pilot projects. This approach ensures that the system will be tested under different circumstances.

Toll 376 is the commission’s second pilot location. In January 2016, the Turnpike opened a cashless tolling point near the Turnpike Bridge over the Delaware River at the eastern end of its system. In 2018, the PTC will introduce cashless tolling at the Keyser Avenue and Clarks Summit interchanges in Lackawanna County and the Findlay Connector in Washington and Allegheny counties.

The PTC has also assured employees that there will be no layoffs associated with pilot projects launched in 2017 or 2018.

For more information on the project, including a video about how cashless tolling will work on Toll 376, visit

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