Travel Advisory

CONTACT: Renee Colborn
Phone: 717.831.7507
March 23, 2016

Pa. Turnpike Advises Motorists of Possible Delays Between Butler Valley and Allegheny Valley Overnight traffic paces planned March 23.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission advises motorists traveling between the Butler Valley, Exit #39, and Allegheny Valley, Exit #48, interchanges that they may experience delays due to four intermittent, 20-minute traffic paces scheduled to take place overnight beginning at 8 p.m. and ending by 6 a.m. on March 24.

The paces will be conducted both eastbound and westbound as needed. Motorists entering the Turnpike at the Allegheny Valley Interchange heading westbound will be stopped at the interchange until the westbound paces are completed.

During the paces, Turnpike maintenance and PA State Police vehicles will restrict Turnpike traffic to a speed of 20-25 miles an hour, allowing crews to complete line painting work on the roadway. The paces will allow the work to be completed without jeopardizing motorist or worker safety.

Motorists in the area should be prepared for slow-moving traffic and possible stoppages.  Work schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions.

Travelers can get Turnpike traffic alerts by calling 866-976-TRIP (8747) or visiting the live Travel Conditions Map online at The Pa. Turnpike’s smartphone app, TRIP Talk, streams audio advisories to iPhone and Android users so they can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. To download the free app, visit