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Turnpike travelers should call 866-976-TRIP(8747) for travel updates

December 29, 2012

Pa. Turnpike Lifts Travel Restrictions except on Northeastern Extension

Speed limit is restored to normal.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has lifted the travel restrictions it implemented early this morning on more than 350 miles of its mainline. However, the 45 mph speed limit restriction is still in effect on the entire Northeastern Extension, but is expected to be lifted at approximately 8:00 p.m. tonight.

Heavy snow prompted the commission reduce the speed limit to 45 mph, but conditions in the corridor improved enough late this afternoon to lift the restrictions.

Turnpike maintenance crews were still reporting sporadic snow in some areas and will continue to treat the roadway as needed. Motorists are urged to use caution and anticipate possible, changing roadway conditions.

Turnpike travelers can get up-to-date information by calling 866.976.TRIP (or 866.976.8747) to hear audio advisories for the region in which they are traveling. To check conditions before you hit the road, the Turnpike's Interactive Travel Map at provides a view of conditions across the entire Turnpike

Dial *11 to report an emergency on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.