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September 19, 2012
Eastbound Closure Canceled on Pa. Turnpike between Breezewood and Carlisle , Sept. 19

The 65-mile section of the eastbound Pennsylvania Turnpike will now remain open tonight and the detour is canceled. Crews successfully completed the recovery and cleanup operation by working with the right lane closed.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission would like to thank everyone involved for their cooperation and hard work during this recovery effort.

Turnpike motorists can get up-to-date travel conditions by calling 866-976-TRIP (8747). This toll-free number gives audio advisories for the region in which you are traveling, including delays and closures. For a snapshot of conditions across the Turnpike, visit the Interactive Travel Map at An innovative smartphone app, “TRIP Talk,” streams audio advisories to iPhone and Droid users on America's First Superhighway. To download the free app, visit Users do not have to create an account, register or sign up to use TRIP Talk. The app uses your phone's built-in GPS to stream nearby advisories.