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February 6, 2009

PA Turnpike Commission
Names Inspector General

New position created to investigate fraud, waste and mismanagement.

HARRISBURG, PA — (02/06/2009; 1448)(readMedia)-- The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission recently named Anthony L. Maniscola to the newly created position of Inspector General. The Bucks County resident, who has more than 40 years of experience as a detective and investigator, will be responsible to probe reports of theft, fraud and waste at the Turnpike.

"Tony assumes this important position at a time of immense change at the Turnpike. We've been given a new mission and with it comes added accountability," said Turnpike CEO Joe Brimmeier. "With the passage of Act 44 in 2007, the Turnpike is responsible to generate transportation funding for the entire commonwealth, and we are appropriately being held to the highest ethical standards."

In the past, that investigative responsibility had been assigned to a different Turnpike division.

"Since we've always had an internal-audit function, we've done a first-rate job at monitoring employee behavior, and I'm proud of our track record," Brimmeier noted. "But by creating this position, the Commission is making an even bigger commitment to identify and deal with misconduct."

Maniscola - a former Special Agent with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Criminal Investigator with the state Inspector General - has conducted investigations in collaboration with the U.S. Attorney's office, the Pennsylvania State Police and the Philadelphia District Attorney. After leaving state service, Maniscola formed an investigative consulting company that, among other undertakings, investigated school violence in Philadelphia and reports of mismanagement within the Philadelphia Department of Human Services for the House Urban Affairs Committee.

"He will help ensure that the Commission operates professionally and ethically, and that employees abide by the Code of Conduct adopted as part of Act 44," said Brimmeier. "It is our goal to avoid any conflict of interest and to promote public confidence when it comes to the Commission's integrity, and I am certain that Tony will help to accomplish that."

While a state investigator, Maniscola headed investigation into city-government corruption and bid rigging, corporate thefts in the health-care sector and other white-collar crimes. One of the more prominent cases he investigated led to the conviction of 28 Philadelphia City employees and others for bribery in an illegal-dumping scam at the City North/West Incinerator.

"I am dedicated to ensuring that every person employed by the Commission performs their duties professionally and with high moral standards," said Maniscola. "Our employees and customers can be confident that I will aggressively investigate reports of fraud or wrongdoing brought to my attention."

Maniscola - who will work hand in hand with the Pennsylvania State Police to prosecute perpetrators of fraud, theft and other violations - said efforts will be focused on eliminating impropriety at all levels and departments within the Turnpike, including issues involving contractors or consultants hired by the Commission.

"A company or individual who does business with the Turnpike may come under scrutiny if suspected of conspiring with an employee for kickbacks, falsifying documents, or other violations," he said. "Employees and management alike must be held accountable for their actions."

Maniscola established a tip line to make it easier to report suspected unlawful activity via telephone, e-mail or regular mail. Employees and citizens alike can report suspected fraud, theft or corruption at the Turnpike by calling the Inspector General's toll-free Tip Line, 1-888-317-3110, via e-mail at or in writing to "PTC Tip-Box," P.O. Box 19, Highspire PA 17034-0019.