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Carl DeFebo
Manager, Media & Public Relations
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Desk: 717-920-7176

May 16, 2008


Turnpike Travelers Can Get E-ZPass at All Acme Markets

Purchasing E-ZPass is now easier than ever.

HARRISBURG, PA (05/16/2008; 1542)(readMedia) -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike announced that E-ZPass “Go Paks” are now available at all 54 Acme Markets in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Starting today, motorists can buy an E-ZPass tag, which is ready for immediate use, at Acme customer-service desks.

“The start of the busy summer travel season is the perfect time to pick up an E-ZPass,” said Turnpike CEO Joe Brimmeier. “Through our partnership with Acme Markets, getting E-ZPass is even easier now, so anyone who’s been meaning to sign up doesn’t have to wait any longer.”

E-ZPass allows drivers to proceed through toll plazas without stopping while the toll is debited from a pre-paid account. An electronic tag, called a transponder, is mounted in or on the vehicle, enabling it to pass through designated E-ZPass lanes.

“Besides the convenience of E-ZPass, travelers today will appreciate the fuel savings they might see by arriving at their destinations a bit quicker,” Brimmeier said. “Given gasoline prices, even a small savings from not waiting in line at the tollbooth can add up over time.”

The cost of a Go Pak is $42 — $38 plus a $4 retailer-assessed convenience fee. Customers must register the tag online or by calling the toll-free number within 72 hours of purchase. Registrants have to provide a driver’s license number, vehicle description and license plate and major credit or debit card. When registering, it’s easiest to authorize automatic replenishment so that the account balance is refilled when it drops below $10.

Pennsylvania’s E-ZPass program functions seamlessly with other Northeastern toll facilities — and a growing number of toll roads as far west as Illinois. One tag can be used in all of the 11 states where the purple and white E-ZPass logo is shown.

Tags can be moved between multiple vehicles provided the license plate numbers are listed under the appropriate E-ZPass account. Updating or adding new license plates can be completed effortlessly online.

Those interested in signing up for E-ZPass have other options too. E-ZPass vending machines are located at several Turnpike service plazas, and tags are available at many AAA offices statewide. Motorists can also enroll online at or by calling the E-ZPass customer service center at 1-877-PENN-PASS (1-877-736-6727).