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February 7, 2008


PA Turnpike Makes Third Payment
For PA's Transportation Network

More than $520 million for roads, bridges and transit provided to date.

HARRISBURG, PA. (FEB. 7, 2008) - Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission officials have transferred another $229.2 million payment to PennDOT to address the commonwealth's transportation funding crisis. This most recent disbursement brings total Turnpike payments made since last August to $520.8 million.

The money, generated by toll revenues and bonding on the existing Turnpike system, will expedite the repair of Pennsylvania roads and bridges and support some of the state's 73 public transit agencies. From that $229.2 million payment, the Pennsylvania Revenue Department will apply $150 million to the Motor License Fund for road and bridge work while the remaining $79.2 million will go to the Public Transportation Trust Fund and the commonwealth's various transit agencies.

The payments are a part of Act 44 - the statute signed into law last July to address the commonwealth's transportation funding needs. As sources for new transportation revenue, Act 44 draws upon tolls on the existing Turnpike and new tolls collected on I-80. It provides two-thirds of the new transportation funding from tolls on the current toll-road system and one-third from possible future tolls on I-80.

The next payment of $229.2 million will be made by April 30. Once it is made, the Turnpike will have fulfilled a fiscal year 2008 obligation of $750 million. In all, the Turnpike expects to provide average annual payments totaling $946 million over the next 10 years - and $1.67 billion annually on average over 50 years. Under Act 44, the Turnpike anticipates transferring $83.3 billion to PennDOT over 50 years.

The Turnpike and PennDOT entered into a 50-year, I-80 lease last October, pursuant to which the Turnpike will assume management and maintenance for the 311-mile highway. In addition, the two agencies jointly filed a formal Federal Highway Administration application seeking permission to toll I-80.

Upon federal authorization, tolls would be collected beginning mid to late 2010 at no more than 10 toll plazas across the interstate. The toll rate would mirror the Turnpike per-mile rates at the time of implementation. For more information, visit