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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
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January 11, 2008


One Dedicated ‘E-ZPass Only’ Entry Lane to be Added
Monday at Harrisburg East

Ticket customers will have one less entry lane weekdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


HARRISBURG, PA (01/11/2008; 1530)(readMedia)-- Turnpike officials announced today that entry lane #2 - the second lane from the right at Harrisburg East Interchange (#247) - will be converted to an "E-ZPass Only" lane beginning Monday, Jan. 14 at 3 p.m. Thereafter, it will be accessible exclusively for E-ZPass customers from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. on weekdays.

This will be the second "E-ZPass Only" entry lane at Harrisburg East: Lane #3 (second from left) has been "E-ZPass Only" since the toll plaza opened last year.

Customers who need to take a ticket should pay close attention to overhead-sign changes when entering the Turnpike because one less ticket lane will be available during the specified time. Cash-paying customers will be able to get a toll ticket at two entry lanes - numbers 1 and 4 - at Harrisburg East. E-ZPass customers can continue to use lanes 1 and 4 as well.

The change is being implemented to accommodate an increasing volume of E-ZPass motorists using Harrisburg East. It also provides a dedicated lane for E-ZPass motorists entering Harrisburg East from South Eisenhower Blvd.