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William J. Capone, Director
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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
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January 7, 2008


Hotline Available for Information During Construction

(Harrisburg) The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's construction project hotline is now available for public use for inquiries pertaining to the Kriebel and Bethel Road bridge replacement projects. These bridges are being replaced in association with the Northeastern Extension Total Reconstruction and Widening Project.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will continue to respond to all general project inquiries in the format and order that they are received; however, responses to specific questions or concerns regarding the Kriebel and Bethel Road bridge replacement projects will be expedited when directed to the dedicated hotline at 1-877-855-2545.

For additional details on the Northeastern Extension total reconstruction and widening project (including the bridge replacements) visit the project web site at The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission urges the motoring public to stay alert and to travel at posted speed limits through all highway work zone areas.