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March 16, 2007

Pa. Turnpike Launches Informative Website
On its ‘Public-Public’ Partnership Initiative
Commission’s alternative to privatization explained online at

HARRISBURG, PA. (MAR. 16, 2007) –

“We’ve created this website so that valuable information on the issue will be readily available to our customers, employees and the public,” said Turnpike Chairman Mitchell Rubin. “Our hope is that this useful, timely information will be a valuable part of the public policy discussion as it unfolds.”

Turnpike CEO Joe Brimmeier said the Turnpike’s proposal to PennDOT is available online, along with an abundance of other information on the topic of privatization. “The site is basically a storehouse of a considerable amount of information we’ve gathered on the topic,” Brimmeier said. “And it’s a work in progress; we’ll regularly add new material as it becomes available.”

Website visitors can find the Turnpike proposal under the “PTC-PPP” logo located in the top navigation bar. In addition, several reports there offer analysis of some benefits and disadvantages a lease might have for Pennsylvania taxpayers and Turnpike travelers.

In addition to the Turnpike’s proposal, visitors to the site can see privatization-related articles, case studies and a frequently asked questions feature. A feedback feature allows visitors to submit comments the Turnpike Commission. Visitors can also take an online survey to offer their opinion on the topic.

The site can also be accessed via the Turnpike main site, Look for the “PTC-PPP” logo in the menu bar on the left side of the front page left.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission operates and maintains 537 miles of toll roads in the state. It oversees 60 fare-collection facilities, 20 service plazas and 26 maintenance facilities. With 2,300 employees, it generates $589 million in annual toll revenue from 186 million vehicles a year. Known as “America’s First Superhighway,” it opened Oct. 1, 1940.