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October 23, 2006




     The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will offer four days of instant E-ZPass sign-ups tomorrow through Friday at both the North and South mainline toll plazas on the Beaver Valley Expressway (Turnpike 60) in Beaver and Lawrence counties.
     E-ZPass lanes at both mainline toll plazas will be operational as of 7 am Tuesday, Oct. 24. Sign-up teams will be working at the two locations from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Tuesday, Oct. 24 through Friday, Oct. 27.

     Drivers who want to enroll in the electronic fare collection program will be directed by signage to appropriate parking areas. Registrants will leave with an E-ZPass “tag” they can use immediately in any fare collection lane, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, where the purple E-ZPass logo is displayed.

     The tag is a small transponder mounted on the windshield that sends a signal to an overhead reader in the fare collection lane. The devices interact to classify vehicles and deduct appropriate fares from pre-paid accounts while drivers keep moving.

     It costs as little as $38 to open an account, with $35 of that being toll credit that does not expire. It’s easiest to pay by credit card or debit card and authorize automatic replenishment when your pre-paid balance drops below $10. Transponders can be moved between vehicles. Customers can view and print confidential transaction statements from the Turnpike’s Web site.

     Pennsylvania’s E-ZPass program functions seamlessly with designated fare collection lanes on most Northeastern and Atlantic Seaboard toll roads and a growing consortium of toll roads extending as far west as Illinois.

     The Turnpike Commission is continuing work to bring E-ZPass convenience and new automated, change making cash machines to all fare collection points on the Beaver Valley Expressway. The upgrade to the fare collection system on Turnpike 60 is expected to conclude by late March 2007.


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