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November 24, 2003

New Turnpike Exit Lane Available At Harrisburg East Interchange #247
Newly constructed lane should help ease congestion at busy interchange.

HARRISBURG , PA. ( NOV. 24, 2003 ) The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced today that the newly built exit lane at the Harrisburg East Interchange #247 (old exit #19) will open tomorrow, Nov. 25, by 3 p.m. The new lane is located at the far right side of the toll plaza for motorists leaving the Turnpike.

The new lane to be marked as Lane #9 will operate as a standard ticket lane, i.e., E-ZPass will not be accepted.

In addition to the exit lane, motorists will see another entry lane at Harrisburg East. Lane #4, formerly a ticket-only exit lane, will be converted to a ticket-only ENTRY lane tomorrow. To further increase throughput at Harrisburg East, the Turnpike will add a tandem tollbooth to Lane #6, an exit lane. The tandem booth will allow two collectors to process ticket transactions in a single lane during peak periods.

These changes are needed to accommodate growing traffic volumes at the interchange and to help improve the flow of traffic to and from the Turnpike.

Construction at the Harrisburg East Interchange, Lower Swatara Township , Dauphin County was started in late October. General contractor for the lane-addition project is Hempt Brothers Inc., Camp Hill; Benatec Associates, New Cumberland, performed the design work on the lane.


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