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July 17, 2003

PA Turnpike Salutes Fire and EMS Professionals

One of the things in life that brings us great comfort is knowing there are professional fire and EMS providers always ready to come to our rescue, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Comission appreciates these tried and true contracted service providers who never fail to offer assistance to the millions of motorists traveling the Turnpike.

Service providers must pass a rigorous screening process before the Turnpike will enter into contract with their emergency services. Chief Executive Officer Joseph G. Brimmeier said, “We contract only the very best fire and EMS service providers to assist Turnpike customers. They answer the call in all kinds of weather throughout the year. We are taking this opportunity to thank them for their tireless efforts to save lives.”

To show its appreciation for the quality of assistance given to Turnpike customers, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Comission has developed a decal to be proudly displayed on the equipment of its 160 service providers across the Commonwealth. The decal shows the community that the providers’ are members of a vital team that offers superior emergency services to everyone who travels the Nation’s First Super Highway.

Emergency Service Coordinator David Dombrowsky said, “Our service providers answered approximately 3,500 calls in the fiscal year 2002-2003. The decals are a little token of our appreciation for the tremendous job they do for our customers day in and day out.”


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