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November 27, 2002 



Traffic on Interstate 76 in the Cranberry area will be limited to one lane each direction during a period of up to two weeks starting Monday, Dec. 2 so that crews can place barriers and pave tie ins to temporary travel lanes that will be utilized near the mainline toll facility being built at the site of the former Butler Service Plaza.

The single-lane restrictions will be in effect during off-peak hours for eastbound motorists. Restrictions for westbound traffic may be in effect for part of the late-afternoon peaks on weekdays, except for Fridays. Generally, restrictions will be in effect during daylight hours only.

Restrictions will be kept to a minimum but schedules are weather dependent. Motorists should anticipate delays in traversing the area between Milepost 28 and Milepost 32.

A new mainline toll plaza that will become the western end of the Turnpike’s traditional ticket system is under construction at Milepost 31 at the border of Marshall and Pine Townships in Allegheny County. Mosites Construction is the general contractor for the $23.1 million project.

The new mainline toll facility is scheduled to open in May 2003. It will have eight collection lanes for westbound traffic and five ticket dispensing lanes for eastbound traffic as well as two westbound lanes and two eastbound lanes in the open middle that eventually will offer electronic fare collection (E-ZPass) at highway speed.

Internet browsers can visit the project website from the www.paturnpike.com homepage. Click on the Construction/Expansion box on the left side of the homepage and then click on Warrendale Construction on the Pennsylvania map. The project website includes still photos, updated every minute, showing current traffic conditions on Interstate 76.


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