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November 12, 2002


 E-ZPass To Be Available to All PA Turnpike Customers, December 14
Companies, truckers referred to Turnpike’s website

HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Turnpike today announced that commercial vehicles can begin enrolling in its E-ZPass program by logging on to the Turnpike’s website at www.paturnpike.com.  Designed to streamline pre-enrollment into the E-ZPass commercial vehicle program, the new site provides downloadable versions of the documents needed to open a commercial account online

“We are pleased and excited that we are finally able to offer E-ZPass to our commercial customers,” said Executive Director John Durbin.  “They’ve been understanding and patient, and now the wait is over.  Starting December 14, 2002, trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles will be able to enjoy the ease and convenience of E-ZPass.  We encourage them to enroll without delay.”

Companies that are currently enrolled in E-ZPass through another agency can open a companion account, allowing them to take advantage of the Turnpike’s volume discounts.  The existing commercial charge card program will continue until the PA Turnpike has implemented E-ZPass on all of its roadways, including: Amos K. Hutchinson and James E. Ross highways, Mon-Fayette Expressway and the Keyser Avenue and Clarks Summit toll plazas on the Northeastern Extension.

“We promised the addition of commercial vehicles to the E-ZPass program by the end of 2002, and we have delivered,” said Durbin, adding that more than 50 E-ZPass lanes are being added across the system to accommodate increased traffic. 

Commercial vehicles are defined as class two vehicles and above, or any vehicle weighing greater than 7,000 pounds.  The commercial vehicle designation also includes fleets of class one vehicles or passenger cars, which offer commercial services.  A commercial vehicle account may be opened for one car, one truck or a number of vehicles.

To open a new or companion account, companies can visit www.paturnpike.com, download, complete and print the necessary documents and then mail their completed enrollment package to the PA Turnpike.  For more information, or to request an enrollment package, customers can call 1-877-PENNPASS (736-6727).

Non-commercial E-ZPass customers will also notice a new welcome page when they visit the E-ZPass section of the Turnpike’s website at www.paturnpike.com.  The new welcome page will offer customers a choice of going to the non-commercial vehicle website or the commercial website.  Non-commercial customers should click on the non-commercial vehicle button to access all the features of the E-ZPass website they are accustomed to using.

The PA Turnpike launched its E-ZPass program in December 2000, extending it statewide in December 2001.  Since then, nearly 250,000 E-ZPass tags have been issued as part of the non-commercial vehicle program.  Enrollment is expected to exceed over 300,000 with the inclusion of commercial vehicles to the PA Turnpike system.


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