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September 25, 2002

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Abandons Plans
To Build Two Slip Ramps on Northeast Extension

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission today announced it will not advance preliminary plans to design and construct two “slip ramps” — which are unmanned, E-ZPass only ramps built between existing interchanges — on the Northeast Extension (I-476) in Montgomery County.

“After carefully considering all the facts, studies and community input gathered during the past year and a half, we have decided not to move ahead with further studies on these two particular slip ramps,” said Turnpike Executive Director John Durbin.

Although these two specific slip ramp projects have been called off, the Turnpike remains committed to its philosophy of developing slip ramps where they make sense — and in circumstances where they receive wide community support.

“Slip ramps are a viable method of managing congestion in a rapidly growing area such as southeastern Pennsylvania,” said Durbin. “We firmly believe that slip ramps are crucial and effective traffic-management tools that absolutely must be incorporated into our future transportation plans.”

The two slip ramps were being proposed as part of a $200 million reconstruction and widening of the Northeast Extension between Mid-County Interchange (#25A/20) and Lansdale Interchange (#31/31). As part of the feasibility study for the widening, the Turnpike incorporated preliminary designs for slip ramps at two locations: Schultz Road in Worcester Township and Township Line Road in Whitpain and Plymouth Townships. But Turnpike officials were concerned that the inclusion of slip ramps might delay the environmental studies for the much needed widening of the Turnpike due to inevitable environmental issues on the slip ramps.

Since March 2000, Turnpike representatives have met periodically with a project advisory committee that was formed to keep officials updated on the status of the proposed widening and slip ramp projects. Made up of municipal, state, business and transportation officials, the committee also enabled local authorities to provide feedback to the Turnpike on the projects.

“Elected officials and some townships have expressed concerns that the proposed slip ramps could lead to increased traffic in adjoining residential neighborhoods,” Durbin explained. “Similar concerns were echoed at two public meetings that were held in the involved townships this summer.”


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