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July 1, 2002


 HARRISBURG -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike has posted two surveys on its website to evaluate the opinions customers have concerning Turnpike service and operations.  Along with a general survey a second survey is devoted solely to the E-ZPass system to determine if the electronic toll system is meeting the travel needs of Turnpike customers.

The E-ZPass survey is also designed to consider steps the Turnpike might take to encourage more customers to enroll in the E-ZPass program.  Executive Director John Durbin said, “We are eager to hear from our customers and get their views and sentiments about the Turnpike and E-ZPass. Our highest priority is customer service.  We hope that our customers will take the time to fill out the surveys, so we can determine if we are meeting our mission and take the necessary steps to improve our service.”

Durbin further explained that, "through the surveys the Turnpike wants to better understand our customers and learn more about the perceptions they have of Turnpike employees.”

Customers can access the surveys by going to the Turnpike website at www.paturnpike.com and click on the “Survey Says” button.

Turnpike officials hope that many different types of travelers will respond to the survey. “We want to hear from commuters who use the highway everyday, from travelers who may use it only once a month and from those who use it once or twice a year. We hope to get everyone,” Durbin said. 

The Turnpike system has grown from 160 miles long when it first opened in 1940 to the current 528 miles which includes the opening last April of another section of the Mon Fayette Expressway in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Durbin said, “Through this survey we hope that we get an idea of the problem spots as well as the things that the Turnpike Commission is doing right. We really are encouraging our customers to respond, so we can continue to give them the service they expect, and deserve.” 


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