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June 18, 2002   


Lane Restrictions, Intermittent Traffic Stoppages on Tap for Tomorrow at the Gateway Plaza Near the Ohio Line

Pennsylvania Turnpike motorists near the Ohio will face single-lane restrictions and intermittent traffic stoppages lasting no more than 15 minutes on Wednesday, June 19, to facilitate the relocation of two overhead signs near the Gateway toll plaza on the Interstate 76 mainline.

The work is part of a $17.6 million renovation of the Gateway facility, located 1.4 miles into Pennsylvania, contracted to the Joseph B. Fay Company of Pittsburgh.

A single-lane pattern will take effect for westbound traffic at about 5:30 am and as many as three brief stoppages of westbound traffic, the first starting at about 7 am, could follow. Restrictions for westbound traffic should be lifted by 10 am.

On the eastbound side of the Turnpike, a single-lane pattern will take effect at about 9 am and up to three brief stoppages of eastbound traffic will follow. The stoppages should conclude before noon and all restrictions for westbound traffic should be lifted by 3 pm.

The overhead signs being moved will be offset by an additional 30 to 40 feet because the plaza is being widened from 11 to 13 lanes. Renovation work at Gateway is to conclude by May 16, 2003.  


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