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June 11, 2002

Expands Program to Meet Growing Enrollment

HARRISBURG, PA – Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Executive Director John Durbin today announced the addition of 21 new E-ZPass lanes at eight Turnpike interchanges.  The lanes were added as part of the PA Turnpike’s ongoing effort to improve the ease and efficiency of the E-ZPass system and to address the increasing volume of E-ZPass customer traffic.

“Just a year and a half into the program and we are already adding 21 new lanes.  I think that’s real proof the E-ZPass program is a success,” said Durbin.  “We’re close to issuing our 200,000th tag and we’re hearing from many of our customers they would like to see more E-ZPass lanes, especially at interchanges with higher traffic volume.  We felt it was time to expand the program to address the growing demand for more E-ZPass lanes.”

The PA Turnpike E-ZPass program, which began in December 2000, has grown steadily over the past year and a half.  In fact, at the Philadelphia interchange alone, E-ZPass customers account for 46% of peak traffic volume.  Forty-five percent of the traffic that travels through the Delaware River Bridge interchange consists of E-ZPass customers. 

Installation is complete on half of the new lanes, while the remainder will be finished by the end of June.  Interchanges that will feature new lanes include:  Carlisle, Reading, Valley Forge, Mid-County, Fort Washington, Willow Grove, Philadelphia and Delaware River Bridge.

“As enrollment in E-ZPass continues to grow, so will the Turnpike Commission’s commitment to meeting the needs of our customers,” continued Durbin.  “We are excited about this expansion and feel that it will successfully address congestion problems at some of our more high-volume interchanges and add to the ease and convenience of using E-ZPass.”

E-ZPass is currently available to passenger vehicles across the PA Turnpike ticket system.  Trucks and buses will be added to the program by the end of 2002.  Turnpike customers can also use their tag in other states, anywhere they see the purple E-ZPass sign. 

A chart detailing the 21 new lanes is available at www.paturnpike.com.  Program and enrollment information and account status are also available 24 hours a day on the website or by calling 1-877-PENN-PASS (1-877-736-6727).


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