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May 3, 2002


HARRISBURG PA. (May 3, 2002) — Roadway construction is moving into full swing across the commonwealth, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is reminding motorists of the variety of informative resources available about the Westmoreland County total-reconstruction project between the New Stanton Interchange (#8/75) and the Donegal Interchange (#9/91).

To keep travelers informed of construction activity and traffic patterns throughout the 9-mile project, the Turnpike offers several tools to provide customers with access to current construction and traffic information 24-hours a day, seven days a week. These sources include:

  • A project-specific web site — www.paturnpike.com/rt7685 — provides a detailed description of current traffic patterns and planned construction activity throughout the project. It also provides an e-mail page to enable the user to forward comments and questions about the project to the Turnpike.
  •  Real-time traffic cameras on the web site provide viewers with snapshots of traffic throughout the project. These snapshots are updated every 60 seconds and are available 24 hours a day. Three cameras are positioned throughout the project.
  • A toll-free project information hotline is available. By calling 1-866-The Pike (or 1-866-843-7453) travelers can hear the most up-to-date report on construction and traffic restrictions in the project. This information is updated on an “as needed” basis, which means several times a day, or, at a minimum, once a week.
  • A project-specific brochure is available by request on the web site. The brochure serves as an additional information resource for this total-reconstruction project. It contains information on the current project status, the various stages of construction, and other pertinent details. The brochure will be updated as construction progresses through its various stages.

In addition to these resources, the Turnpike continues to employ the Highway Advisory Radio, electronic message boards, directional signage, and *11 emergency cellular phone service as guides and safety features throughout the entire system. 

Angelo Iafrate Construction Co., Warren, Mich., is the general contractor on this $50 million project. The contract includes the rehabilitation of four bridges, installation of concrete median barrier, drainage and guide rail. KCI Technologies Inc. is providing construction management and inspection services. All earthwork has been completed; paving will soon begin on the westbound roadway and shoulder. Overall, the project is on schedule and expected to be completed this fall.

The total reconstruction of the Turnpike is one of the commission’s most important long-term initiatives representing an investment of more that $1 billion over the next decade. Two sections of the Turnpike totaling some 15 miles have already been rebuilt. Three additional projects that total more than 30 miles of new roadway (including the milepost 76-85 project) are presently being constructed. In addition, 10 other reconstruction projects are on the drawing board and scheduled to be bid incrementally over the next ten years. The total reconstruction of the Turnpike, begun in 1999, signifies the first time that the toll road — known as “America’s First Superhighway” — has been replaced from the ground up since it opened in October 1940.


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