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April 26, 2002

Tractor-Trailer/Tuscarora Tunnel Accident
Causes Turnpike Shutdown Between Interchanges 12 and 16

April 26, 2002  -- Motorists traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike, eastbound and westbound, are advised that the Turnpike is closed to traffic between Interchange 16, Carlisle, and Interchange 12, Breezewood.

All motorists, passenger and commercial, traveling westbound are being detoured off the Interchange 16, Carlisle Interchange, Cumberland County, to connect with Interstate 81.  Motorists traveling eastbound are being detoured at Interchange 12 Breezewood, Bedford County, to connect with Interstates 70 and US 30.

Alternate route directional cards will be distributed at the interchanges.

The closure is due to a 7:15 a.m. accident when a tractor-trailer, traveling eastbound, crashed into the wall of the westbound portal of the Tuscarora Tunnel causing a fire and damage to the roadway and tunnel.    Until damage assessments are completed, Turnpike officials, at this time, cannot determine the length of time the 65-mile long portion of roadway will be closed.

Updates will be provided.




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