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March 27, 2002

Emphasize Safety with Customers

HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission today announced two new enhancements to the E-ZPass program.  E-ZPass customers will see feedback signals and digital speed displays across the Turnpike system, designed to emphasize safety and improve the E-ZPass program in Pennsylvania that currently serves nearly 180,000 passenger vehicle customers.

Turnpike Executive Director John Durbin said, “The goal of E-ZPass and the new enhancements to our system is to keep our customers moving safely and easily through the interchange, without stopping or fumbling for tickets or change.  E-ZPass makes traveling the Turnpike more convenient.  Our new enhancements will make traveling through E-ZPass lanes safer.” 

“We also want to maintain the safety of all our employees.  That is another major reason for our 5-mile per hour speed limit in all E-ZPass lanes,” said Durbin.  “The new digital speed displays will serve as a reminder and warning to customers who travel too fast through E-ZPass lanes.” 

Digital speed displays show E-ZPass customers the speed at which they’re traveling through the lane.  The Turnpike will begin enforcing the 5-mile per hour speed limit this summer.  
Feedback signals look like traffic signals, with red, yellow and green lights indicating the status of customer transactions.  Green indicates the tag has been read.  Yellow signals a low balance.  Yellow reminds customers who don’t have automatic replenishment to replenish their account.

E-ZPass is currently available to passenger vehicles across the Turnpike ticket system.  Trucks and buses will be added to the program by the end of 2002.  Turnpike customers can also use their tag in other states; anywhere they see the purple E-ZPass sign. 

“It takes a few minutes to enroll on our website.  Just be prepared with your driver’s license and license plate numbers, and a credit card or checking account,” said Durbin.  “In about a week you’ll receive your E-ZPass tag.  Mount the tag on your windshield and go.  It’s that easy to enroll and use E-ZPass.”

Additional program and enrollment information, and account status is available 24 hours a day at www.paturnpike.com or by calling 1-877-PENN-PASS.


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