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December 21,2001



HARRISBURG, Pa. — In response to requests from E-ZPass customers to keep cash paying cars out of E-ZPass lanes, officials at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission have committed to making more “E-ZPass Only” entry and exit lanes — known as dedicated lanes — available at Western Pennsylvania interchanges.

Cash-paying customers can still obtain a ticket and pay tolls in so-called “dual-mode” lanes marked “E-ZPass and Tickets.” However, those paying by traditional means must avoid the dedicated lanes marked “E-ZPass Only.”  

“Our original intent during the E-ZPass startup was to operate ‘dual mode’ lanes for both E-ZPass and ticket customers, with a lane dedicated for E-ZPass only during rush hour at busier interchanges,” said Turnpike Executive Director John T. Durbin. “The plan called for adding more dedicated lanes in Western Pennsylvania as E-ZPass usage grew.”

“However, due to a significant number of phone calls and e-mails from E-ZPass customers in the past week, we’re telling our interchange managers in to dedicate lanes — especially at the busier interchanges — for E-ZPass only.”

Dedicated E-ZPass lanes will be switched to dual mode if ticket traffic increases at the toll plazas.

“If ticket customers start to back up onto the exit ramps, then we have to switch the lanes back to dual mode,” Durbin said. “Obviously, we cannot jeopardize the safety of our ticket-holding customers.”

Durbin reassured E-ZPass customers that the number of available dedicated lanes will be expanded as E-ZPass enrollment grows. “It is a balancing act, and we ask our customers to be patient,” he said.

Travelers should remember that E-ZPass, the Turnpike’s electronic toll-collection system, is now operational system-wide at Interchange 1 through 37 for passenger vehicles only.


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