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December 13, 2001


Pennsylvania Turnpike Expands E-ZPass to Customers Statewide 
Beginning December 15, 2001

WHAT:   Turnpike spokespersons will be available for comment or interviews on the expansion of E-ZPass electronic toll collection statewide.

WHEN:     Beginning at 8 a.m. , Saturday, December 15 and Monday, December 17, 2001.

WHERE:  Spokespersons will be available to the media at various interchanges on Saturday, December 15 and Monday, December 17, 2001. 

Please call Kathy Liebler at 717-939-9551 ext. 2840 to schedule an interview at an interchange near you.


Beginning Saturday, December 15, 2001, customers will be able to use E-ZPass electronic toll collection from exit 1-Gateway across the east-west mainline and up the Northeastern Extension to exit 37-Wyoming Valley Toll Plaza.

The statewide expansion of E-ZPass marks the successful completion of phase three of the Turnpike’s program, which began in December 2000 between exits 18-Harrisburg West on the east-west mainline and 33-Lehigh Valley on the Northeastern Extension.  In May 2001, E-ZPass expanded to 16-Carlisle and 37-Wyoming Valley Toll Plaza – two interchanges on the east-west mainline and four on the Northeastern Extension.  

Since the launch, the Turnpike has issued nearly 150,000 tags and congestion has been significantly reduced at many of the busiest interchanges – during peak hours more than 50 percent of customers, passenger vehicles only, are using E-ZPass to pay tolls electronically. 

Customers enrolled in another agency’s E-ZPass program can also use their tag on the Turnpike, with the exception of commercial vehicles and buses, which are temporarily excluded from the Turnpike’s program.  The Turnpike plans to expand the E-ZPass program to include commercial vehicles and buses in 2002. 

Turnpike customers can enroll in the E-ZPass program at www.paturnpike.com or by calling 1-877-PENN-PASS.  E-ZPass is the convenient way for customers to pay tolls without stopping and fumbling for change or tickets.


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