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November 16, 2001


Employees will be decked out in time for the holidays 

Highspire, PA -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission today announced that its toll collectors plan to unveil a new look on Monday, November 19, wearing new, and more casual uniforms.

Turnpike Associate Executive Director Deborah Everly said, “Our toll collectors are the Turnpike’s front-line ambassadors. The new and attractive uniforms will offer these hard-working employees greater comfort as they greet and serve our valued customers,” she said. 

The uniforms were modified somewhat in 1992 by the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences, and in 1995, a new logo for hats and sweaters was created.  Last year, the Commission conducted a survey among toll collectors gathering input and suggestions to determine if collectors were satisfied with their attire.  Survey results showed that the collectors favored and preferred uniforms that were more casual and comfortable.  

With the new look, toll collectors are no longer required to wear ties.  The Air Force blue shirts have been replaced with beige, buttoned down collar shirts designed to be worn tucked in or outside of pants or skirts.  Pants and skirts are still blue but are now made of a softer poly-cotton blend that will be more comfortable than the previous wool combinations.

Additionally, two new garments now comprise the collectors’ wardrobe – a sweater vest and a lightweight parka.  New multicolored hats have been added as well. And the former fare collection patch has been replaced with an updated logo. 

Nearly 1,100 collectors are receiving the new uniform package that includes six winter shirts, six summer shirts and three pairs of pants/skirts/slacks, two sweaters, one hat and one parka.


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