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August 27, 2001


 Route 51 Access from Payne Hill Road in Jefferson Hills Borough, 
Allegheny County, Returning as of Wednesday Morning

Effective at 7 AM Wednesday, August 29, access to Pa. Route 51 from the western terminus of Payne Hill Road will return.

Motorists have not been able to access Route 51 from Payne Hill Road since July 24, 2000, when the intersection was closed as part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commissionís construction of the interchange between Route 51 and the Mon/Fayette Expressway.

Payne Hill Road has been made a cul-de-sac near its previous intersection with Route 51 and the western end of Payne Hill Road has been relocated to a stop sign intersection with Jefferson Boulevard just east of Route 51.

Jefferson Boulevard is a new connector road that will carry traffic to and from the Mon/Fayette Expressway when the 17-mile Mon/Fayette Project from Interstate 70 in Fallowfield Township, Washington County to Route 51 in Jefferson Hills opens in its entirety in First Quarter 2002.

The new connector road is approximately 2,000 feet long and hits Route 51 at a signaled intersection near Three Rivers Bank.

Construction of Jefferson Boulevard and a new western terminus of Payne Hill Road was part of a $21.8 million contract awarded to Swank Associated Companies, Inc. of New Kensington. 


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