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August 14, 2001


Awarding E-ZPass Customer Care Package to Every 10,000th Customer 

Harrisburg (PA) Aug. 14, 2001 – The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced it has issued its 110,000th E-ZPass tag and awarded an E-ZPass Customer Care Package to John Dunn, Camp Hill. 

The E-ZPass Customer Care Package, which includes coupons for vendors along the Turnpike and other specialty items, is part of a new promotional program to encourage enrollment in the Turnpike’s E-ZPass electronic toll collection program.  The package will be awarded to every 10,000th customer to enroll in the program.

“Our customers love E-ZPass,” said Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Executive Director John Durbin.  “And now they have a chance to win an E-ZPass Customer Care Package simply by enrolling in the program.”

Durbin reminded customers to pay close attention to all signs, particularly at interchanges and in lanes with E-ZPass where the speed limit is 5-miles per hour.  “The safety of our employees and customers is of the utmost importance,” stressed Durbin.

E-ZPass is currently available exits 16-Carlisle to 37-Wyoming Valley Toll Plaza on the Northeastern extension, and will be available statewide by Dec. 2001 to passenger vehicles only – no trucks or buses. 

“If you don’t have E-ZPass I urge you to visit our website at www.paturnpike.com or call our customer service center at 1-877-PENN-PASS today,” concluded Durbin.

E-ZPass, the convenient way for customers to pay tolls without stopping and fumbling for change or tickets, is being used by millions of people who travel up and down the Northeast corridor through Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia.


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