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June 18, 2001


Turnpike Traffic Between Somerset and Bedford to be Stopped
Periodically During Overnight Hours Tuesday and Wednesday for 
Removal of Overhead Bridge at Milepost 118

All traffic on the Interstate 76/I-70 mainline between the Somerset (Exit #10) and Bedford (Exit #11) interchanges will be subjected to intermittent stoppages of no more than 30 minutes during late evening and overnight hours Tuesday and Wednesday so that crews can remove an overhead bridge at Milepost 118.2.

Stoppages will occur between 10 pm Tuesday, June 19 and 6 am Wednesday, June 20, and between 10 pm Wednesday, June 20 and 6 am Thursday, June 21.

The construction site is in Stoneycreek Township, Somerset County, where a new overpass is to be built to carry State Route 1005 (Brotherton Road) over the Turnpike.

Brotherton Road has been closed at the site since May 7 and will not reopen there until November.


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