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March 29, 2001


Interstate 70 to be Restricted to One Lane Each Direction 
at New Mon/Fayette Expressway Interchange Near Charleroi

Effective Monday, April 2 and continuing for up to two weeks, eastbound and westbound traffic on Interstate 70 at its new interchange with the Mon/Fayette Expressway (Turnpike 43) will be restricted to one lane so that crews can remove concrete barriers from the ramps at the interchange.

Restrictions will be in effect weekdays during daylight hours only. The construction site is in Fallowfield Township, Washington County, between the Speers and Lover exits on I-70.

The concrete barriers on the ramps at the I-70 interchange with Turnpike 43 are being removed in preparation for the opening of the new expressway north from Interstate 70 to the Charleroi/Donora exit at Coyle Curtin Road near Mon City.

Concrete barriers on the new ramps will be replaced by orange barrels because the ramps will remain closed until the four-mile section of the 17-mile Mon/Fayette Expressway Project from Interstate 70 to Pa. Route 51 opens in May. A date has not been set.

The balance of the 17-mile project, which will have a northern terminus in Jefferson Hills Borough, Allegheny County, will open in First Quarter 2002.


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