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December 2, 1999


Harrisburg, Pa. – Starting today, many customers who ask for a fare receipt on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will also receive discounts on auto parts, wireless telephone service or skiing, among other deals.

As part of a coupon program started earlier this year, the Turnpike has reached agreements with Camelback Ski Resort, Omnipoint Communications Services and Pep Boys to offer discounts on the backs of fare receipts at select Turnpike toll plazas.

These three companies join three existing advertisers in the latest program cycle, which begins today and ends in three months — or when all coupons have been dispensed. After that, a new cycle will start.

"Nearly five million receipts imprinted with coupons are now ready for distribution," said John Durbin, the Turnpike’s executive director. "Based on our success in the first year of this program, we expect to add receipts for other advertisers as well."

Camelback Ski Resort is offering Turnpike customers $5 off any day/twilight lift ticket; Omnipoint Communications Services is offering free unlimited weekend calls to customers who sign new or renewed contracts; and Pep Boys is offering $10 off any purchase of $50 or more.

Each year, the Turnpike hands out 38 million receipts, mostly to business travelers and truckers. Any motorist exiting the Turnpike at a ticketed interchange can ask for and receive a fare receipt.

The coupon program is part of an ongoing effort by the Pennsylvania Turnpike to give customers additional value for their toll dollar and at the same time maximize non-fare income. Less than a year into the project, the Turnpike has already realized more than $227,000 in revenues from the coupons. More than 23.4 million coupons have been issued to date.

"This is a win-win situation," Durbin added. "Travelers who receive the receipts win because they get the added value of the coupon, and all other Turnpike users benefit because the proceeds go into our general operating account and help to keep fares at competitive levels."

In addition to the Camelback, Omnipoint and Pep Boys discounts, the Turnpike has been issuing coupons since January 1999 for Staples the Office Superstore, C & C Ford Sales Inc. of Horsham, Pa., and Sovereign Bank. Staples offers several giveaways plus discounts on office supplies and copy/fax services; C & C Ford offers money off in-stock vehicles plus discounts on repair and rental services; and Sovereign offers $10 off the first order of checks when a customer opens a new business account.

Businesses interesting in offering coupons to Turnpike motorists can get more information by calling 1-877-416-5008. "We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to offer more benefits to our customers," Durbin concluded. "The coupon program lets us achieve this and at the same time promote Pennsylvania companies."


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