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Contact:  Christina M. Hampton, February 25, 1999

February 25, 1999


PHILADELPHIA, PA - - The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission today announced it will form a Community Advisory Committee to provide a regular opportunity for community involvement on the proposed slip ramps at Route 29 in Great Valley.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will give members of the local community an opportunity to provide input that may be used to refine slip ramp alternatives. The Committee will be composed of representatives from residential neighborhoods and local businesses in the project area, the Chester County Planning Commission, local officials, as well as environmental and historical interests.

Executive Director John Durbin said, "We realize that many groups, individuals and organizations have opinions and comments about the slip ramp proposals. Our intent is to provide a forum where community representatives can express those viewpoints and comments." Durbin said that Colin Hanna, Chairman of the Chester County Commissioners, and County Commissioner Karen Martynick strongly advised the formation of an advisory committee, "and we are more than happy to comply with their suggestion."

Martynick said, "We are pleased the Turnpike Commission has agreed to a Community Advisory Committee. It is a step in the right direction. The committee represents a creative solution to providing a means of involving representatives of local community interests in the project. It will allow a regular exchange of information with the Turnpike Commission which will strengthen community involvement."

Turnpike Engineering Project Manager Jeffrey Davis said, "Keep in mind that today’s open-house public meeting is only the beginning of the public involvement process for the Route 29 slip ramp project. We want to keep the project area informed on our progress and address their concerns as we move forward. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will give us another line of communication with the local communities." Davis added that as the public involvement process continues, the Turnpike will provide other opportunities where members of the public can express their opinions.

State and local public officials as well as the Chester County Chamber of Commerce will be contacted by the slip ramp project team to determine selection of committee members. The Committee will meet regularly with representatives of the Turnpike Commission and the project team to receive updates and provide input.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) members will be able to share updated information on the project with their community groups and neighbors and in turn bring any concerns or suggestions back to the community advisory meetings.


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