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C   O   M   M   I   S   S   I   O   N                N   E   W   S             R   E   L   E   A   S   E   

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February 1,1999 


Harrisburg, PA – Beginning today travelers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike asking for a receipt will get something more – a Staples coupon. The program is part of an ongoing effort by the Turnpike Commission to give customers additional value for their toll dollar and at the same time maximize non-fare revenue. The new advertising program is expected to generate approximately $250,000 per year for the Turnpike once it is fully up and running.

"Four million receipts imprinted with Staples coupons are now ready for distribution," said Bill Capone, the Turnpike’s Director of Marketing. "We expect the Staples campaign will take us into March 1999, with other advertisers expected to participate in the program beginning in June 1999."

"This is a win-win situation," Capone added. "Travelers receiving the receipts win because they get the added value of the coupon. Advertisers benefit because customers get to know about their products and services. And the Turnpike benefits because the proceeds go into our general operating account and will help to keep fares at competitive levels." The coupons with receipts are being distributed to travelers who utilize the Turnpike’s ticket interchanges. "We are not yet able to offer couponed receipts at unstaffed coin drop exits on the Beaver Valley Expressway, Turnpike 60 and Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass, Turnpike 66, " Capone explained.

Each year, the Turnpike hands out more than 38 million receipts, mostly to business travelers who file expense reports. "Staples is an excellent first advertiser since they sell products used by business travelers," Capone continued. "We’ll be announcing additional advertisers over the next few months."

Staples is offering a number of specials on their inaugural coupons. One coupon entitles the bearer to five free color copies with the purchase of five color copies 5-color copies, another is valid for 50 free black and white copies, and a third special offers 1,000 business cards for $9.99.


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