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November 4, 1998

Attention radio stations:
Broadcast actualities relative to this
advisory can be obtained by calling the Turnpike’s
Information Broadcast Service at 1-800-563-5425


Turnpike Credit Card Readers, Receipt Printers Placed at Mainline Toll Plaza

New Stanton, PA -- Six of the eight lanes at the mainline toll collection plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s Greensburg Bypass (Turnpike 66 in Westmoreland County) are now equipped with self-serve charge card readers and receipt printers.

"This self-serve equipment will allow our charge card customers to proceed through all lanes at the Turnpike 66 facility, not just the staffed lanes,’’ said PTC Executive Director John T. Durbin. "The end result should be enhanced traffic flow."

By swiping their PTC card through a card reader at any of the Automatic Coin Machine lanes, charge card customers will not have to wait in traffic at a staffed lane. Instructions for processing charge cards are posted on the card reader arm. At present, PTC charge cards are provided only to commercial customers.

The Turnpike will continue to process truck and car traffic through the staffed lanes for vehicles not having the exact coins ($1.00). The overhead signs in the staffed lanes read, "Full Service".

The 13.2-mile Greensburg Bypass opened in 1993. It runs north from the Pennsylvania Turnpike at New Stanton (Exit 8) to U.S. Route 22 at Delmont.


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