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October 27,1998

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Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania’s Turnpike Commissioners have hired Travelers Marketing of Wellesley, Massachusetts to administer a new program which will place advertising coupons on Turnpike toll receipts. The first advertiser will be Staples. An estimated $250,000 per year in net revenue is expected to be generated for the Turnpike from the various advertisers.

"We are always looking for creative ways to maximize non-toll revenue," said Turnpike Executive Director John T. Durbin. "By undertaking efforts like this coupon program we are able to do more for our customers while continuing to keep our fares at competitive levels."

Each year the Pennsylvania Turnpike hands out over 38 million receipts. Most of those receipts go to business people who file expense reports. "An audience of 38 million people makes this an attractive advertising vehicle," said Durbin. "Not only will the program bring added value to our customers, it will support Pennsylvania businesses and promote tourism."

Staples has signed on as the first advertiser in the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s coupon program. Travelers Marketing will be working to sign-up additional advertisers before the coupon program is launched early next year. "Staples is one of the most exciting retailers in the country," said Russell Pergament of Travelers Marketing. "Pennsylvania will see, as Massachusetts has, that they are committed to providing remarkable and meaningful value offers to their customers."

"Staples toll receipt coupons are designed to bring value-added offers to drivers as an unexpected benefit of their trip," said Stuart Broadhead, Director of Small Business and Cross Channel Marketing for Staples. "It is exciting to be the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s first sponsor."




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