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PHILADELPHIA, PA - - The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission today announced significant decisions regarding the alternatives development for the Pennsylvania Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project.

The Concept D interchange alternative has been dismissed from further consideration. This alternative, which utilized the existing Route 413 spur and skirted the Delhaas Woods, had a much higher number of residential impacts compared to other interchange alternatives being considered where Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike cross. It also had a greater number of environmental impacts.

In August and September 1998, project team members recommended to representatives of the Federal Highway Administration, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and environmental resources agencies that Concept D be dismissed from further study. Agency representatives concurred with the project team’s recommendations. These decisions also reflect public sentiment expressed at the public meeting held at Harry S. Truman High School on June 16, 1998.

In addition, the remaining interchange alternatives will be designed to provide all traffic movements between I-95 and Route 413. This issue was also brought before the public at the June public meeting and responses overwhelmingly supported a full connection at Route 413.

The two remaining interchange alternatives and the two toll plaza and two bridge alternatives will be further evaluated and reviewed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). This document is tentatively scheduled to be circulated for public comment in mid-1999. A public hearing will be held in conjunction with the DEIS commenting phase. The remaining alternatives are:



Single Loop A

Flyover A

Toll Plaza

Split Plaza (West)

Split Plaza (East)

Delaware River Bridge

Bridge (North)

Bridge (South)

Interstate 95 was constructed in the late sixties without an interchange with Interstate 276, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Project Manager Jeffrey C. Davis has stated, "The proposed interchange between these two major Interstate routes will remove Interstate traffic from local access interchanges and roads, such as Routes 413 and 13 in Bristol Township and Route 1 and Street Road in Bensalem Township. This will reduce congestion on the local highway and street system, benefiting local businesses and the public." Davis also states, "It is good to see that we are able to accommodate comments from the public and the transportation and resource agencies in moving this project forward."


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