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PA Route 9 from Philadelphia Area - Scranton Redesignated as I-476

        ALLENTOWN -- The Northeastern Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike officially became part of the national Interstate Highway System during redesignation ceremonies held today at the Allentown Service Plaza.
        From the Main Line near Philadelphia to its northern terminus near Scranton, the Turnpike's Northeastern Extension, formerly PA Route 9, is now known as Interstate 476. That designation provides continuity with other Interstate routes creating a direct linkage with Interstate Routes 76, 78, 80, 81, 95 and 276. There will be no changes in the Turnpike's fare structure as a result of the redesignation.
        Pennsylvania's Secretary of Transportation, Bradley Mallory, who is also a member of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, keynoted the gathering of federal, state and local officials who attended the redesignation ceremony.
        "Redesignating the Northeastern Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike from PA Route 9 to I-476 further emphasizes our commitment to provide a seamless transportation system for our customers," said Mallory. "Motorists now will find added convenience through the use of one number, I-476, that will connect Chester in Delaware County to its northern link with Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County."
        John T. Durbin, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, said "The designation of the Northeastern Extension as I-476 will make it easier for the traveling public to include the PA Turnpike in their travel plans. This will mean more vehicles travelling on the Turnpike and more tourists visiting Northeastern Pennsylvania."
        Removal of old PA Route 9 signs and installation of new I-476 directional and confirmation signs is now underway. The Turnpike is handling sign replacement on the Northeastern Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is replacing directional signs on appropriate state and local roadways leading to the Turnpike. All the new signs will be installed within the next week to ten days.
        Turnpike crews completed a number of upgrade projects along the Northeastern Extension required by the Federal Highway Administration for the roadway to receive designation as an Interstate. The upgrades include guiderail improvements and roadway line restriping in various areas.
        The Northeastern Extension joins the remainder of the Pennsylvania Turnpike system as a designated interstate highway. The Main Line of the PA Turnpike, from the Ohio line to the Valley Forge Interchange carries the I-76 designation. From Valley Forge to the New Jersey border the Turnpike is known as I-276.


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