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Pennsylvania's new transportation law, Act 89, allows the maximum speed limit on freeways within the Commonwealth to be raised to 70 MPH after completion of appropriate engineering evaluations.

In July of 2014, the Pennsylvania Turnpike changed the maximum speed limit on the mainline, in a section between the Blue Mountain Interchange (Milepost 201) and the Morgantown Interchange (Milepost 298), to 70 MPH as part of the phase 1 evaluation. As part of this work, an engineering evaluation to determine the speed for each curve was performed. In addition to the new 70 MPH speed limit signs, new curve signs with advisory speeds were installed prior to each curve where a reduction in speed is recommended.

Speed and crash evaluations in work zones and normal roadway sections are ongoing in the 70 MPH phase 1 location. These evaluations will be used to determine the effects of the 70 MPH speed limit. If no adverse impacts are found, the remainder of the Turnpike system (the rest of the mainline Turnpike, the Northeast Extension, I-376, Turnpike 66, the Mon-Fayette Expressway and the Southern Beltway) will have their maximum speed raised to 70 mph in the spring of 2015.

Please remember, 70 MPH (or any posted speed limit) is the maximum speed; you should drive at lower speeds during adverse traffic, weather or roadway conditions.

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