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NumberTitleAwarded ToDate Awarded
14-ESRP-4897 Emergency Spill Response Provider Area 4Lewis Environmental, Inc.3/3/2015
14-40130-4915 Property Appraisal ServicesAmerican Appraisal Associates, Inc.1/28/2015
14-10470-4912 Real Estate Firms, Brokers and Agents to Provide Real Estate Services for Commission Owned PropertiesView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List1/28/2015
N/A Notice of Issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Global Tactical Asset Allocation MandateFirst Eagle Investment Management, LLC11/6/2014
N/A Notice of Issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Diversified Hedge Fund of Funds MandateSkyBridge Capital11/6/2014
N/A Notice of Issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Value-Added Real Estate MandateView Awarded Vendors in RFP "Responded" List11/6/2014
14-10190-4904 Bond, Special, Underwriters and Disclosure CounselView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List10/21/2014
14-10320-4844 Underwriting ServicesView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List10/21/2014
14-ESRP-4733 Emergency Spill Response Provider Area 5Rapid Response, Inc. / Environmental Waste Minimiz10/7/2014
14-10220-4809 Cell Tower Infrastructure and Asset Valuation ServicesCANCELLED9/16/2014
14-10380-4793 Broker Services for Insurances and COBRA AdministrationSagewell Partners, an Alliant Company 8/5/2014
14-10380-4488 Supervisory Leadership Academy Training - Level 2Dering Consulting Group, Inc.8/5/2014
13-ASP-4530 Authorized Service Provider CANCELLED7/28/2014
14-10190-4812 Bond, Special, Underwriters and Disclosure CounselCANCELLED7/23/2014
14-10360-4558 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics ProjectNTT DATA, Inc.6/17/2014
14-ASP-4606 Authorized Service Provider CANCELLED5/27/2014
14-10380-4630 Providing Medical Benefit Plan in Western PennsylvaniaAetna Life Insurance Company4/22/2014
13-10360-4447 Resource and Service Management ProjectKPMG, LLP4/22/2014
13-ESRP-4556 Emergency Spill Response Provider-Area 3Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc.3/18/2014
13-10370-4200 Diversity Awareness Training for EmployeesDeborah Vereen, LLC3/18/2014
13-10210-4557 Annual Independent Audit ServicesZelenkofske Axelrod LLC2/18/2014
13-10470-4470 Long Term Ground Lease (Hempfield Township)CANCELLED1/23/2014
13-10470-4427 Long Term Ground Lease (Former Morgantown Interchange)CANCELLED1/23/2014
13-10470-4466 Long Term Ground Lease (Upper Merion Township)CANCELLED1/23/2014
13-ASP-4482 Authorized Service ProviderMagill's Auto Service, Inc.1/21/2014
13-ESRP-4480 Emergency Spill Response Provider Area 2McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.1/21/2014
13-ASP-4483 Authorized Service ProviderBressler's Inc. 1/21/2014
13-ESRP-4443 Emergency Spill Response Provider Area 1McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.1/21/2014
13-10260-4533 Workers Compensation Third Party Claims Administrator (TPA) ServicesUPMC Benefit Management Services dba UPMC WorkPart1/7/2014
13-40130-4390 Job Order Contracting Program ConsultantThe Gordian Group, Inc.12/16/2013
13-10380-4465 Pre-Employment Background Screening ServicesCastle Branch, Inc.12/16/2013
13-ESRP-4481 Emergency Spill Response ProviderCANCELLED12/2/2013
13-10320-4330 Investment Management ServicesCANCELLED11/25/2013
RFP 13-10320-4234 Arbitrage ConsultantPFM Asset Management, LLC10/22/2013
N/A Notice of Issuance of a Request for Proposal for a Short-Duration High Yield Bond ManagerChartwell Investment Partners10/22/2013
13-ASP-4423 Authorized Service ProviderCANCELLED10/3/2013
13-10380-4222 Consultant for Organizational & Salary StudyCANCELLED9/25/2013
13-40110-4118 Procurement of Real Time Traffic Flow DataHERE North America, LLC9/17/2013
13-10380-4112 Medicare Advantage PlansAetna Life Insurance & Highmark9/17/2013
13-10470-4230 Long Term Ground Lease (Former Morgantown Interchange)CANCELLED8/22/2013
13-40110-4132 Furnishing of a Smart Workzone System for the I-276/I-95 Interchange ProjectBeth’s Barricades8/20/2013
13-10340-3950 SAP ERP System and Information Security Program AssessmentsPhoenix Business Lot 1, Deloitte & Touche Lot 2 7/16/2013
13-40110-4050 Systemwide Dynamic Message Sign SystemsDaktronics, Inc.6/4/2013
12-10470-3593 Land Use Consulting ServicesCANCELLED5/23/2013
13-10260-3994 Comprehensive Audit of the Workers’ Compensation FunctionMarsh, Inc.4/2/2013
12-10215-3819 Banking and Cash Management ServicesCANCELLED3/22/2013
12-10320-3825 Swap Advisory ServicesMohanty Gargiulo, LLC2/20/2013
12-10190-3554 Legal Matter Management/eBilling Software SystemLT Online Corporation1/29/2013
12-10260-3611 Broker Selection for Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP)CANCELLED1/18/2013
12-10210-3837 Supplemental Auditing ServicesView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List1/8/2013
12-10320-3499 Compliance Reporting and Investor RelationsDigital Assurance Certification LLC9/20/2012
12-10320-3667 Financial Advisory ServicesThe PFM Group9/20/2012
11-10380-3395 Providing Medical, Prescription, Dental and Vision Benefit PlansView Awarded List in RFP "Responded" List9/20/2012
12-40110-3552 Installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems Between Milepost 226.60 and Milepost 269.85Carr & Duff, Inc.8/14/2012
12-10215-3596 Banking and Cash Management ServicesCANCELLED7/25/2012
11-10210-3455 Supplemental Auditing ServicesCANCELLED7/25/2012
12-10430-3506 Marketing/Communications & Public-Relations Consultant ServicesBravo Group, Inc.& Spencer Advertising & Marketing7/18/2012
12-ASP-3482 Authorized Service ProviderInterstate Emergency Services, Inc.7/18/2012
12-ASP-3480 Authorized Service ProviderNickolich Towing & Salvage, Inc.7/18/2012
12-ASP-3479 Authorized Service ProviderMechanics Plus Towing & Transport, Inc.7/18/2012
12-ASP-3542 Authorized Service ProviderPotoka Trucking & Repair7/18/2012
12-10260-3609 Insurance Brokerage ServicesConner Strong & Buckelew7/18/2012
N/A Notice of Search for a Core Open-Ended Real Estate Fund ManagerASB Real Estate Investments5/31/2012
N/A Notice of a Search for a Hedge Fund of Funds ManagerSSARIS Advisors, LLC5/1/2012
12-10350-3371 Communications Systems Maintenance ContractTransCore4/17/2012
12-20000-3540 Armored Courier ServicesBrink's U.S.4/17/2012
11-10380-3395 Providing Medical, Prescription, Dental and Vision Benefit PlansCANCELLED4/2/2012
11-ASP-3451 Authorized Service ProviderInterstate Emergency Services, Inc.3/21/2012
11-ASP-3286 Authorized Service ProviderMcConnell, Inc.3/21/2012
11-ASP-3284 Authorized Service ProviderJohn's Mobile Repair Services, Inc.3/21/2012
11-10260-3356 Insurance Brokerage ServicesCANCELLED3/12/2012
11-10380-3374 Evaluation and Analysis of Executive Organizational StructureCANCELLED2/13/2012
11-10380-3373 Stop Loss Insurance ProviderAvalon Insurance Company2/7/2012
11-10230-3375 Actuarial Valuation Services For Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB)Milliman, Inc.2/7/2012
11-10190-3351 Bond, Special, Underwriters and Disclosure CounselView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List1/17/2012
11-10380-3341 Medical Benefits ConsultantLockton Companies, LLC1/17/2012
11-ASP-3285 Authorized Service ProviderAbel Brothers Towing and Automotive, Inc.1/3/2012
11-ASP-3330 Authorized Service ProviderGreen's Road and Towing Services, Inc.1/3/2012
11-10190-3287 Appraisal Services: Real Estate; and, Machinery, Equipment and InventoryView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List12/20/2011
11-10190-3288 Real Estate Closing ServicesView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List12/20/2011
11-10320-3352 Underwriting ServicesView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List12/20/2011
11-10340-3257 Operations and Maintenance Support of Toll Collection Hardware Findlay Connector/Southern Beltway of Pa Turnpike 576ACS State & Local Solutions, Inc.11/15/2011
3-222 Right-Of-Way Acquisition Services SystemwideOrion Land Services, Inc. and Keystone Acquisition Services Corporation11/1/2011
11-ASP-3266 Authorized Service ProviderWreckers International, Inc./D.B.A. Schlier’s Towing & Franks Service Center11/1/2011
11-67000-3041 Trustee and Custody ServicesBNY Mellon, US Bank & Wells Fargo Bank 10/18/2011
11-64500-3244 ATM Services at Turnpike Service Plazas and PTC Central Administration BuildingSelect-A-Branch ATM Network, LLC10/18/2011
11-10380-3251 Organizational Structure Review and Salary StudyCANCELLED10/14/2011
11-10210-3322 Supplemental Auditing ServicesCANCELLED10/13/2011
11-40110-3146 Project Collaboration and Documentation SystemKahua10/4/2011
11-40130-2981 Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance Services at Central Administration Building (CAB), Transcore Building (located on CAB site), Turnpike Industrial Park (TIP) Building, TIP Maintenance Building (located on TIP site), Steelton WarehouseG.R. Sponaugle8/16/2011
11-ASP-3070 Authorized Service ProviderLispi Brothers7/19/2011
11-ASP-3071 Authorized Service ProviderFerra's Automotive Service and Towing, Inc.7/19/2011
11-67000-3041 Trustee and Custody ServicesCANCELLED7/12/2011
11-ASP-3060 Authorized Service ProviderCANCELLED7/12/2011
11-10380-2953 COBRA AdministrationTrion6/21/2011
10-10480-2708 Safety Consultant for Accident and Illness Prevention Program (AIPP)Compliance Management International6/21/2011
10-10320-2933 Investment Consultant ServicesInvestment Performance Services, LLC6/6/2011
10-10260-2934 Workers' Compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the Commission's Self-Insured Workers' Compensation ProgramCompServices, Inc.5/24/2011
11-10230-2982 Actuarial Advisory Services Related to Automobile and General Tort Self-Insurance LiabilityPinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc.5/24/2011
11-10350-2964 Infrastructure Cabling Maintenance and Communication Systems InstallationI.B. Abel, Inc.5/24/2011
11-10350-2984 Uniontown/Brownsville Searights Maintenance Facility Infrastructure CablingHenkels & McCoy, Inc.5/24/2011
10-10260-2756 Third Party Administration (TPA) Services for the Commission's Self-Insured Auto and General Liability ClaimsInservco Insurance Services, Inc.3/15/2011
10-10260-2755 Construction Insurance Consulting Services to review the feasibility of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) vs. Traditional Insurance Policies.ECBM Insurance Brokers & Consultants3/15/2011
10-10210-2800 Annual Independent Audit ServicesZelenkofske Axelrod, LLC3/1/2011
10-40110-2744 Installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems Between Milepost 10.2 and Milepost 317.5, Milepost A57.4 and Milepost A129.5Wellington Power Corporation1/25/2011
10-40130-2754 GESA PROJECT - Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission TunnelsView Shortlisting in RFP "Responded" List1/11/2011
10-10260-2631 Workers' Compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the Commission's Self-Insured Workers' Compensation ProgramCANCELLED12/8/2010
10-10380-2357 Employee Assistance Program ServicesComPsych Corporation10/6/2010
10-10190-2625 Bond, Special, Underwriters and Disclosure CounselView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List9/21/2010
10-10320-2418 Financial Advisory ServicesPublic Financial Management, Inc.9/7/2010
10-10470-2424 Long-term Ground Lease for Renewable Energy Generation on 90+- Acres in Napier Township, Bedford CountyCANCELLED8/11/2010
10-10320-2582 Underwriting ServicesView Pool Selections in RFP "Responded" List8/10/2010
10-10350-2433 Everett Fares Warehouse/Office Infrastructure CablingHenkels & McCoy, Inc.6/15/2010
10-14030-2378 Design of Full Color 2010 Pennsylvania Turnpike Map and Travel GuideXNR Productions, Inc.6/15/2010
10-ASP-2430 Authorized Service ProviderRob's Automotive & Collision Center, Inc.6/1/2010
10-10380-2423 Attestation of Retiree Prescription Drug CoverageMilliman, Inc.5/18/2010
10-40110-2393 Intelligent Transportation Systems Retrofit in Bedford and Fulton CountiesWellington Power Corporation5/18/2010
08-10340-1540 Open Road Electronic Toll Collection System on Interstate 80 in PennsylvaniaCANCELLED4/23/2010
09-10260-2095 Insurance Consulting Services and Other Related Insurance Overview ServicesNorth American Insurance Management Corporation4/6/2010
09-ASP-2263 Authorized Service ProviderEVB Service Center, Inc.4/6/2010
09-10310-2258 Diversity Inclusion AssessmentJackson Lewis LLP3/16/2010
09-10260-2101 Property Appraisal ServicesAmerican Appraisal Associates, Inc.3/3/2010
09-10350-2199 Study to Assess and Rationalize Communications Infrastructure PortfolioCANCELLED1/20/2010
09-ESRP-2043 EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE PROVIDERWeavertown Environmental Group12/1/2009
09-ESRP-2044 EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE PROVIDERMcCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.12/1/2009
09-ESRP-2045 EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE PROVIDEREnvironmental Products and Services of Vermont, Inc.12/1/2009
09-ESRP-2046 EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE PROVIDERLewis Environmental12/1/2009
09-ESRP-2047 EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE PROVIDERRapid Response, Inc. (RRI)12/1/2009
09-ASP-2161 Authorized Service ProviderMechanics Plus Towing & Transport, Inc.12/1/2009
09-10350-2201 Trevose Maintenance Building and Campus Infrastructure CablingCorl Communications, Inc.12/1/2009
09-10410-2072 Web Site Consulting Services for a Fully Hosted Solution, Development and UpdatesVoicenet Communications, Inc.11/3/2009
09-10380-1890 Pre-employment Drug Testing ServicesQuest Diagnostics11/3/2009
09-40130-1950 Energy Accounting and Supply Management ServicesCANCELLED10/7/2009
09-ASP-2171 Authorized Service ProviderTurley Truck Service10/6/2009
09-10460-1953 Truck Parking Space Electrification at New Stanton Service PlazaCabAire, LLC9/15/2009
09-10380-1930 Short Term Disability Program ServicesThe Hartford9/15/2009
09-40110-1925 Installation of Intelligent Transportation SystemsAdesta LLC9/1/2009
09-10340-2089 Administration and Training Support for the Commission’s Project Collaboration System for Construction Projects (Constructware)Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.9/1/2009
09-10190-1840 Turnkey Right-of-Way Acquisition Services for The Southern Beltway U.S. Route 22 to I-79Keystone Acquisition Services, Corp.8/18/2009
09-ASP-1891 Authorized Service ProviderH & S Towing Service, Inc.6/2/2009
09-ASP-1884 Authorized Service ProviderHerring Motor Company, Inc.6/2/2009
08-10350-3631 Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS)Intergraph Corporation5/5/2009
08-ASP-1731 Authorized Service ProviderWeavertown Towing and Recovery4/21/2009
08-ASP-1730 Authorized Service ProviderAllen Enterprises & Recycling, LLC3/3/2009
08-10420-1633 Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Customer Service Center (CSC) Violation Processing Center (VPC) Technical RequirementsTransCore2/3/2009
08-ASP-1696 Authorized Service ProviderBressler's, Inc.2/3/2009
08-ASP-1697 Authorized Service ProviderMagill's Auto Service2/3/2009
08-10380-1570 Enterprise eLearning Business Requirements DefinitionCANCELLED1/30/2009
07-115-3511 Insurance Broker and Safety Monitoring ServicesCANCELLED1/30/2009
08-10380-3603 Project Management Training Program REVISED AND REISSUEDCANCELLED12/22/2008
08-10380-3612 Drug and Alcohol Testing Services REVISED and REISSUEDNewport Alliance12/16/2008
08-10380-3639 Medicare Medical Advantage Plans With and Without Prescription Drug CoverageAetna & Highmark Blue Shield11/25/2008
08-141-3610 Design of Full Color 2008 PTC Map and Travel GuideCANCELLED10/14/2008
07-115-3314 Property Appraisal ServicesCANCELLED10/14/2008
08-ASP-3633 Authorized Service ProviderJoby's Gulf8/5/2008
08-10380-3603 Project Management Training ProgramCANCELLED7/30/2008
08-10340-3635 Administrative Support for the PTC's Project Collaboration System (Autodesk's Buzzsaw)CANCELLED7/29/2008
08-10350-3618 Roadway and Campus Fiber Installation Services for Uniontown to Brownsville Phase II.B. Abel, Inc.7/8/2008
08-10340-3609 Services Agreement for SAP Post Implementation SupportCIBER, Inc.6/24/2008
08-104-3584 Turnkey Right-of-Way Acquisition ServicesOrion Land Services, Inc.6/10/2008
07-118-3590 Digital Video Audit System CANCELLED3/25/2008
08-113-3612 Drug & Alcohol Testing ServicesCANCELLED3/25/2008
07-115-3593 Third Party Administration (TPA) Services for the Commission's Self-Insured Auto and General Liability ClaimsExcalibur Insurance Management Services3/18/2008
07-146-3576 Land Use Consulting ServicesContinental Realty Co., Inc.2/5/2008
07-151-3592 Services for the Implementation of Strategic Sourcing ConceptsCalyptus Consulting Group, Inc.2/5/2008
07-146-3492 Long-term Ground Lease of 4.75± total acres in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland CountyCambridge Venture Partners2/5/2008
07-146-3567 Long-term Ground Lease of 9.69± total acres in East Cocalico Township, Lancaster CountyBenderson Development Co., LLC2/5/2008
06-105-3546 ANNUAL INDEPENDENT AUDIT SERVICESErnst & Young LLP12/11/2007
07-113-3566 Compensation and Labor Market AnalysesCPS Human Resource Services12/11/2007
07-113-3531 Provide Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision, Cobra Benefits, and a Stop Loss Insurance PlanHighmark Blue Shield, Aetna Inc., United Concordia, Davis Vision, HMBA, HM Insurance12/11/2007
07-130-3535 Business Intelligence SystemCognos Corporation10/16/2007
07-ASP-3541 Authorized Service ProviderWeld Towing and Recovery8/14/2007
07-ASP-3530 Authorized Service ProviderPotuka Trucking, Inc.8/14/2007
07-113-3529 Consultant to Provide Assistance to the PTC with Benefit and Insurance Coverage ProvidersInnovative Risk Solutions, Inc.6/5/2007
06-ASP-3516 Authorized Service ProviderInterstate Emergency Services, Inc.6/5/2007
06-ASP-3517 Authorized Service ProviderInterstate Emergency Services, Inc.6/5/2007
07-123-3522 Job Order Contracting Program ConsultantThe Gordian Group5/1/2007
06-146-3477 Long-term Ground Lease at Plymouth Meeting Maintenance PropertyPennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust3/6/2007
06-140-3392 Branding/Sponsorship Program for Toll Plazas, First Responders, Emergency Communications SystemsConley Inn, Hershey Park, R&D Motors, Sheetz, Inc., State Farm Insurance, Arena Restaurant1/23/2007
06-115-3473 Authorized Service ProviderAbel Brothers Towing & Auto, Inc.1/9/2007
06-115-3472 Authorized Service ProviderJohn's Mobile Repair Service, Inc.12/19/2006
06-115-3413 Public Access Automatic External DefibrillatorsCardiac Science Corporation11/28/2006
05-140-3323 Communications And Public Relations For Eastern Pennsylvania REVISEDCANCELLED11/14/2006
06-115-3374 Insurance Broker and Safety Monitoring Services REVISEDWillis of Pennsylvania, Inc.10/3/2006
06-ASP-3402 Authorized Service ProviderGreen's Road and Towing Service Inc.10/3/2006
06-140-3403 Management of the Commissions Branding/Sponsorship ProgramBranding Rights LLC9/5/2006
06-200-3375 Armored Car Services with Addendum No. 1Brink's U.S. A Division of Brink's Inc.8/1/2006
06-113-3371 Attestation of PTC’s Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage with Addendum No. 1Aeon Consulting, Inc.8/1/2006
06-132-3310 Infrastructure Cabling and Communication Systems ServicesI.B. Abel, Inc.7/11/2006
06-115-3340 Provide Insurance Consulting Services REVISEDNorth American Insurance Management Corporation6/20/2006
06-ASP-3360 Authorized Service ProviderFalzones Towing Service, Inc.6/20/2006
06-ASP-3361 Authorized Service ProviderFerras Automotive Services, Inc.6/20/2006
06-ASP-3333 Authorized Service ProviderD & J Auto, Inc.6/20/2006
06-ASP-3334 Authorized Service ProviderLispi Brothers6/20/2006
04-142-2869 Service Plaza Development ProjectHMSHost Family Restaurants, LLC6/6/2006
05-105-3237 Construction Auditing Services - AMENDEDTalson Solutions3/7/2006
05-110-3236 ATM Services at Turnpike Service PlazasGM Holdings3/7/2006
05-101-3279 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SystemSAP Public Services, Inc.2/22/2006
05-140-3322 Communications And Public Relations For Western Pennsylvania with Addendum No. 1Twain Marketing, Inc.2/7/2006
05-104-3256 Turnkey Right-of-Way Acquisition Services for Uniontown to Brownsville - AMENDEDKeystone Acquisition Services, Corp.1/10/2006
05-115-3254 Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator for the Commissions Self Insured Workers Compensation Program AMENDEDCompServices, Inc.12/6/2005
04-130-2925 E-Z Pass Toll System Technologies - RFI - AmendedACS State & Local Solutions, Inc.11/15/2005
05-200-3187 Magnetic Stripe Toll Ticket Production VerifierNo Responses Received10/20/2005
05-113-3162 Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Products - AMENDEDThe AFLAC Assurance10/18/2005
05-104-3245 Turnkey Right-of-Way Acquisition Services for the I-95 Interchange Connector Project - AMENDEDKeystone Acquisition Services Corp10/18/2005
04-146-3010 Long-Term Ground Lease of 4.75+/- Total Acres In Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - REVISED AND REISSUEDACL/THF Joint Venture L.P.10/4/2005
04-113-3153 Short Term Disability Program Services - AMENDEDThe Hartford Group Benefits10/4/2005
04-ASP-3067 Authorized Service ProviderRobs Automotive and Collision Center Inc.6/21/2005
05-141-3154 Design, Production & Printing of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Annual ReportIntegra Graphix, Inc.6/21/2005
05-101-3119 Integrator/Project Manager for Enterprise Resource Planning SystemCIBER, Inc.5/3/2005
05-112-3120 Central Administration Building Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance - AMENDEDG.R. Sponaugle Service Company4/19/2005
04-113-2904 Drug and Alcohol Testing ServicesFirst Advantage4/19/2005
04-133-2969 Geographic Information System Services ProviderW.E.C. Consulting Engineers, Inc.3/15/2005
04-ASP-3066 Authorized Service ProviderDiamond Auto Sales and Service3/15/2005
04 115 2968 Third Party Administration Services for Commissions Liability ClaimsExcalibur Insurance Management Services2/15/2005
04-110-2997 Compliance Reporting and Investor RelationsDigital Assurance Certification, LLC1/18/2005
04-132-2903 Communications Systems MaintenanceTransCore, LP12/7/2004
04-133-2966 Vulnerability and Risk AssessmentSytex Incorporated10/19/2004
04-113-2907 Pre-Employment Drug Testing ServiceFirst Advantage9/14/2004
04-ASP-2895 Authorized Service ProviderMechanics Plus9/14/2004
04-ASP-2985 Authorized Service ProviderJaneway Towing9/14/2004
04-ASP-2964 Authorized Service ProviderTurley Truck Service9/14/2004
04-115-2994 Conduct a Review of The Commission’s Insurance Coverage & Self-Insurance StatusBailey Raabe & Associates9/14/2004
04-146-2921 Long Term Ground Lease in New Stanton Borough, Westmoreland County, PACANCELLED9/10/2004
04-140-2892 Branding/Sponsorship/Marketing Opportunities AnalysisBranding Rights, LLC7/6/2004
04-140-2880 Web Site Consulting Services for Hosting, Maintenance and UpdatesVoicenet6/1/2004
04-115-2905 Owner-Controlled Insurance ProgramThe Graham Company6/1/2004
04-115-2893 Authorized Service ProviderHerring Motor Co., Inc.6/1/2004
03-133-2865 Strategic Enterprise Technology PlanCiber, Inc.3/16/2004
03-141-2833 Communications and Public Relations ServicesNeiman Group12/16/2003
03-115-2802 Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA)Inservco, Inc.12/16/2003
03-141-2671 Turnpike Traveler Customer Newsletter Munroe Creative Partners11/26/2003
03-144-2732 Travel Information DisplayTravel Boards, Inc.6/17/2003
02-115-2595 Recovery of Monies from Overpayment of Insurance Premiums and ClaimsCost Recovery Consultants, Inc.6/17/2003
02-132-2583 Technology Help Desk for Level 1 Desktop SupportIntellimark, Inc.12/17/2002
02-462-2634 Backbone Router InstallationIntellimark, Inc.11/15/2002
02-111-2404 Financial System Selection ConsultingAccenture10/22/2002
01-113-1767 Health Care Benefit NegotiationMarsh USA, Inc.1/22/2002
07-IAG-2782 Electronic Toll Collection TechnologyMark IV IVHS Inc.1/1/1900


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