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July 3, 2002

‘Highway Advisory Radio’ Transmissions Now
Broadcast At Every PA Turnpike Interchange

Customers urged to tune into 1640 AM before they get onto the Turnpike or as they approach an exit. 

HARRISBURG, Pa. (July 3, 2002) — Just in time for the busy Independence Day travel period, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced today that Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) transmitters are now operational at all ticket interchanges. (Previously, the transmitters were located only at Turnpike interchanges that linked directly with another interstate.) Now, motorists can hear news about traffic conditions before they get on the road or as they approach an exit while traveling on the Turnpike.

“To improve our ability to communicate critical information to customers, we’ve added 24 HAR transmitters to the 17 that are already out on the road,” said Turnpike Executive Director John T. Durbin. “These improvements to our Highway Advisory Radio system reflect the Turnpike’s ongoing commitment to customer service.”

HAR allows for the broadcasting of timely advisories to motorists on the standard AM radio band. Broadcasts on the Pennsylvania Turnpike are located at 1640 AM on the radio dial. The HAR system provides customers with up-to-the-minute information on roadway, traffic and weather conditions that exist on the Turnpike system.

“HAR provides travelers with important information so they can make better decisions about travel plans,” Durbin said. “We encourage customers to frequently and routinely tune to 1640 AM to find out about any problems or incidents on the Turnpike. Our aim is to inform customers about emergency conditions before they enter the Turnpike so they can select an alternate route if necessary.”

The HAR technology also allows motorists already driving on the Turnpike to tune in as they approach an interchange so they can exit or stop at a service plaza if conditions warrant.

Motorists traveling on the Turnpike can tune to 1640 AM within approximately 2 miles of an interchange (look for the “Exit 2 Miles” sign). Off-Turnpike motorists should tune into 1640 AM about 1-2 miles before they reach the Turnpike — a distance marked by a green Turnpike “keystone” sign. Transmitter range may fluctuate from interchange to interchange, depending on local terrain, interference from other transmissions and other factors.

Current traffic conditions, travel restrictions, detour routing, weather advisories, construction work-zone updates and general safety information will be provided on the Highway Advisory system to keep travelers informed and to help customers make better decisions about travel plans.


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