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PennDOT Payments

Over the 50-year period outlined in Act 44 and the modifications set forth in HB 1060 in November 2013, the PA Turnpike Commission will provide over $10 billion in funding to PennDOT. This money will be used for:

PennDOT Spending Summary

act 44 funding summary

click on image above to view the chart

  • Roadway Maintenance
  • Interstate repair and rebuilding
  • Design
  • Multi-Modal projects
  • Bridges
  • Transit funding

$4.637 Billion has been provided to date, with annual payments scheduled of $450 million through 2022, and then $50 million annually from 2023 through 2057.

Until June 30, 2014, of the $450 million, $250 million will support 73 transit agencies across the state. And, effective July 1, 2014, all annual payments will be directed to the Public Transportation Trust Fund (PTTF) to provide operating assistance which includes maintaining buses, keeping bus routes open, paying rent for facilities, salaries, as well as materials and supplies to keep the systems in operation to get people to and from:


  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Doctor Visits
  • School
projects map

Click on the map to view the distribution of some of the funds that have been provided by the PA Turnpike for statewide highway and bridge projects. The funding amounts noted on the map represent only a portion of $4.637 Billion contributed to date.

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