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E-ZPass Violations

What's the Violations Enforcement Program?

Violators are customers who pass through E-ZPass lanes without an E-ZPass tag, or could be customers who do not have their E-ZPass tag properly mounted or account information up to date. Violators will be charged a fare based on their point of exit to the farthest point on the Turnpike ticket system and additional administrative fees. Reminder: It is very important for customers to update account information (e.g. license plate number). Account information is available online.

How do I mount my E-ZPass tag properly?

To avoid account violations, your tag must be properly mounted on the windshield below the rearview mirror:

1. CLEAN and DRY the mounting surface using alcohol (Isopropyl) and a clean, dry cloth.

2. REMOVE the clear plastic strips from the back of the mounting strip on the transponder to expose the adhesive surface.

3. POSITION the transponder in the upper part of the middle of your windshield. Generally, this means behind the rearview mirror on the inside of your windshield, at least one inch from the top.

4. PLACE the transponder on the windshield with the E-ZPass logo upright, facing you, and press firmly.

5. Make sure your transponder is not blocking your view while driving.

Please note: Not mounting your tag in the proper manner may result in the full fare being charged.

How do I know my E-ZPass tag has been read?

You will notice what looks like a traffic signal in E-ZPass lanes. They are called feedback signals, and they indicate the status of your transaction. When your E-ZPass tag is read, the light will turn green. A yellow light indicates a low balance. For customers who do not have automatic replenishment, this will remind you to replenish your account. In "E-ZPass and Tickets" lanes, red signals an invalid tag. Customers using "E-ZPass Only" lanes will never see a red signal.

What constitutes a violation?

A violation most commonly occurs when a customer does not have E-ZPass, but travels through an E-ZPass lane. A violation can also occur because a tag is invalid, lost, stolen or defective. It's very important for customers to properly mount their E-ZPass tags and update their account information (e.g. new license plate numbers) to avoid violations. Violators will be charged a fare based on their point of exit to the farthest point on the Turnpike ticket system and additional administrative fees. If you feel you've received a violation in error, please contact the E-ZPass Violations Processing Center at 1-877-PENNPASS (736-6727).

I'm an E-ZPass customer, and I noticed a charge on my account statement called a VToll. What is a VToll?

Beginning July 1, 2003, the E-ZPass V-Toll charge for Class 1
(up to 7,001 lbs.) and Class 2 (7,001 to 15,000 lbs.) vehicles
will be raised from $1.50 to $5.00.

A V-Toll occurs if a signal is not received from a customer's
E-ZPass transponder when passing through an E-ZPass lane,
but it is verified, by matching license plate numbers, that they
are an E-ZPass customer with an account in good standing.

To avoid V-Toll charges, E-ZPass customers should ensure
that their E-ZPass transponder is mounted properly and a
current license plate number is listed on their account.

If V-Toll charges appear on an account, E-ZPass customers
should contact the Customer Service Center at 1-877-736-6727.

How can I dispute a toll that has been charged to my E-ZPass account?

First, please check to ensure that your E-ZPass tag is mounted properly on your windshield. Those customers whose tags are mounted improperly may be charged the full fare. To dispute a toll, please complete a Form 33-11B - E-ZPass Customer Claim Report (PDF version, GIF version) and forward it to the E-ZPass Customer Service Center.

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